Chucky was created by Don Mancini, a gay man, and several of the films feature queer characters and themes, including Chucky’s child Glen. In the new Chucky series for Syfy, the main character is a queer teen boy named Jake. The Chucky TV series premieres October 12 on Syfy.
As for his film career, Mancini, 58, found the horror genre to be “a hospitable place” for him as a young gay man starting out in his 20s — although he admits he was “relatively discreet” around studio executives about his identity. “I was never aware of being discriminated against…particularly as a gay guy,” he says. “Although, you know, it’s possible that I was and didn’t clock it… because it’s certainly — even more than it is now — was very much a straight white male club.”

Today, Mancini has nothing but praise for young actor Arthur, also 14-years-old, and best known for his roles on The 5th Wave and Transparent. Mancini knew Arthur was the right actor for the role. The story includes a budding romance between Jake and his friend, Devon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson). And Arthur’s understanding of the part shone through — even via a virtual audition.

Chucky Is Back & Queerer Than Ever Thanks to His Gay Creator (

?Wolfie Helsing?? on Twitter: "@RealDonMancini Chucky is the best gay  (or gay ally)" / Twitter

It seems they have been injecting some of the Queer politics for a while now and decided to come out full stupid with the TV version.

Oh well, other than the first mildly amusing movie and the likeness with former NFL coach Jon Gruden, it has been a long while since I even care to entertain a thought about the evil doll.

Prediction: Nightmare on Elm Street will also be rebooted, but the story will be that Freddy Kruger was burned alive and killed by terrorist parents who frowned on him in drag and teaching Second Grade kids about gender swapping and gay sex.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “The old Chucky series is rebooted for TV. Or should I say “rebooty”?”
  1. It is not enough to accept the LGBTQWERTY+ people and their lives. No… you must celebrate it, and have it show up in every aspect of your life.

  2. If nothing else, at least this portrays that someone from that culture can be evil. Normally, that wouldn’t be allowed. Consider how many folks have gotten their noses out of shape over “Buffalo Bill” in “The Silence of The Lambs.”

  3. Man, this is gonna be Pennywise all over again. For about five minutes Pennywise (the clown-faced demon thing from It) was being held up as an LGBT icon for… some reason, damned if I know. Then someone noticed Pennywise had stalked, killed, and eaten a gay man in the novel (while Pennywise prefers kids, the victim in question was described as ‘having a childlike innocence’, which may have lured the demon on).
    They’re so desperate to slap the LGBT label on EVERYTHING, they slap it onto things they really shouldn’t. Did they forget Chucky was a serial killer who tried to cheat death?

  4. I wonder how lgbteieio feel about “The Wanting Seed” by Anthony Burgess of Clockwork Orange fame. The basic plot is a,dystopian England where the government promotes gay sex as population control “It’s sapiens to be homo” and the rebels routinely kill and eat gay men.

    I think the best handling of gay in horror/ Sci fi is Torchwood, where Captain Jack is gay and we need to deal with this eldritch horror so he can go back and shag Ianto. It’s incidental, not the core selling point.

    1. Hollywood has been injecting “gay” into our stories for a long time. Trying to normalize it. Trying to make it so much a part of our TV and Movie culture that we come to believe that it is part of our real culture.

      The first time this was forced into my face in such a way that I could not ignore it was an episode of Criminal Minds where after interviewing a witness to a chemical attack on a park of a very normal looking man they had to make the man gay and show us this by “I don’t know, let me get my husband over and he can tell you.”

      It was so blatantly in your face gay character just because they wanted gay that it just jerked me out of the story.

      I contrast that to The Closer where after multiple sessions they had an episode where the coroner mentioned something that told you he was gay. He sexual inclination was never part of the story. His character was, and remained, the coroner.

      It is difficult sometimes. My lady describes me as “flaming hetrosexual”. That’s ok. But I’ve never cared what sort of relationship you have with consenting adults. If you are an adult and they are an adult and you want to do something that isn’t forced in my face and isn’t pushed on children, go for it.

      We’ve got outspoken gay people in our commenters. I don’t care what they are doing in their bedroom. I care what how they treat others and how they contribute here.

      The point in all of this is that people are people. Good people exist from every walk of life and from every orientation. The problem is that evil people also exist. Evil people come from every walk of life and every orientation. To say that we can’t observe evil in one walk of life or one orientation is to deny our humanity.

    2. I think Captain Jack wasn’t gay, so much as willing to chase anything close to … how shall I put this … physically feasible.
      But, definitely, yes – that was an aspect of his character, but it wasn’t the focal point of the series, nor of Jack himself.

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