The one where Alyssa Milano shoots herself in the foot and sticks it in her mouth.

Remember, 3D printed guns are like totally invisible and undetectable and will lead to another 9/11.

Wait…what? I thought they were undetectable ! According to the Times article Alyssa posted:

So if they can be detected, what in the World Wide of Sports is the dumb witch screaming about?




5 Replies to “The one where Alyssa Milano shoots herself in the foot and sticks it in her mouth.”

  1. Yeah, a NAA mini revolver painted white? Why?

    So I went to Time mag and find what seems to be details that negate the argument. Bold added: the Time mag article says The TSA found a 3D-printed realistic replica revolver and five rounds of .22-caliber ammunition at the Reno/Tahoe International airport in August 2016. 3D-printed firearm components have twice been found at checkpoints at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas – in January 2018 and December 2016. In May 2017, a 3D-printed replica firearm was found in a carry-on bag at the Manchester-Boston Regional airport.

    So they’ve found “replicas” of a revolver and a firearm along with some “components”. Replicas would be like the plastic copy of James Bond’s Walther I had when I was 10. Components would be like a set of printed hand grips, or really any component.

    And this is earth-shocking news?

    Panty sh*ting hysterics.

  2. I’ve been through TSA and had an asprin in my pocket that I didn’t remove. I didn’t get the glove up the ass treatment but they were thinking about it. You aren’t bringing a gun made of steel, plastic, or asprin through TSA.

  3. The TSA has a ridiculous failure rate to detect test objects (i.e. bombs, firearms) of well over 90% so they are a joke. Alyssa Milano could get anything she wants onboard IF she was clever.

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