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When Joe Biden announced last week that police should shoot to wound rather than shoot to stop the threat, most people ignored his crazy ideas and considered them merely the rantings of an 80-year-old man likely suffering from dementia, who has lived most of his adult life in a bubble surrounded by armed protective details.

But when Rob Pincus told FOX News he supported Biden’s ideas, even shooting a shotgun out a door to scare away bad guys, it was too much. Even with Pincus’ previous statements calling for more gun control, he had crossed the Rubicon. There was no going back.

Here’s what Pincus told FOX News: “Biden, many years ago, made a statement about going outside and firing a shotgun up in the air if somebody is trying to break into your home. What he said last Friday is really very closely related to that concept, which is if you’re going to use a gun, you don’t have to use it to kill someone, there’s other ways to somehow use a gun to defend yourself; and that is anathema to people in the training community, whether it’s law enforcement, military or civilian defensive shooting in the United States,” Pincus said, adding later, “I have to admit that Biden’s right. If somebody were trying to break into your home, and you stick a shotgun out the window and fire rounds into the air, that person is probably going to leave.”

UPDATED: Firing a shotgun into the air, shooting to wound and other dangerous ideas (

OK, who else is still defending this asshole?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “The one where Avidity Arms goes bankrupt.”
  1. I was told that “shooting to wound” is using deadly force when you don’t actually want to kill somebody….. and firing a firearm up in the air is basically a warning shot and see above for what a warning shot is…. Stupid is EVERYWHERE…. Ol rob is a maroon.. its bad enuff we have to fight gun grabbers and idiots in the “gun community “ side with them, can you say “useful idiots for a $1000 Alex”?? Its been an 11 and a half hour day…im tired

  2. I’ve always believed after listening to his reasoning, that he views himself as an elitist among the gun community. I’ve spoken to people who have taken his classes, and they were very offended by his overall demeanor out on the range–acted like a Range God. There are a lot of professionals in the gun community that Fox could have brought on one of their segments. Pincus pales in comparison experience wise. So I ask, who is the financial backer instrumental in Fox selecting him for a news piece? I would love to hear what Rob Latham has to say about his former partner’s support of Biden’s gun advice.

    1. He has been marketing himself as the State Approved Gun Guy, its why that pistol originally was designed around 10 rounds. He was on pod casts and industry interviews talking about arming people in restricted states (cool) and then later stumbled into the inevitability of magazine restrictions and how no one really needs more than that and 10 is high anyay yadda yadda youre not police yadda yadda pretend cops.

      Dude makes up his lack of real world experience by using curse words in classes and bro-vet speak then presenting a classed up act for the cocktail parties.

      1. Someone with money is driving the media in his direction, because everyone who’s respected throughout the gun community turned down whomever it is that is willing to wage war on the second amendment advocates, from within the ranks of the gun community. Any solid, reasonable, moral and honest voice in the gun community would not take any amount of money to side with the anti-gun community. This guy’s businesses are failing, he’s seen just about everyone who partnered with him, not answer his phone calls nor return his messages. He knows the only thing he has left to pay the bills is the side of the enemy, for no one pays more for treason than a liberal leftist utopian elitist. He’s the John McCain of the gun community.

    2. @David Douglass: “…to people who have taken his classes…”

      I confess that I was underwhelmed with his teaching style and info. At least I only took one class.

      1. When he first came on the scene, friends of mine recommended that I look into him to see what I thought. Rob Latham and Pincus did some stuff with Springfield, which is my preferred firearms brand—my family worked in the Springfield Amory back when it was in Springfield Ma. (I know it’s not the same company today but never-the-less, we as a family embraced the Reese family when they revived the name), and since Latham and Clay Martin and other high caliber representatives of the gun industry were who I used in my business as reputable sources to invest in, I initially began to vet Pincus. Encouraged a few people to buy his products and decided to make that mistake only once after they returned from his classes. It turns out they provided me with opinions based on facts.

  3. “If somebody were trying to break into your home, and you stick a shotgun out the window and fire rounds into the air, that person is probably going to leave.””
    No, they are not going to leave.
    First of all, it assumes the attacker knows what a shotgun sounds like. A lot of people have zero idea. They heard it in the movies/on TV, but in reality is not like that at all. It also assumes there is no other masking sound. Add a hoodie, wool/knit cap, balaclava, whatever and it sounds different again.
    Most people not involved in the shooting community will mistake a shotgun report for other common noises.
    And, I can assure you, if someone is breaking into your house, they are not afraid of you. They do not think you are going to shoot them, therefore, a shotgun report is not in their tunnel vision at the moment. It will not be heard.
    So, in an ideal world, yep… shoot to harm, or use some other non-lethal form of self defense. In reality, it does not work. Way too many examples of people getting multiple hits to center mass and still pressing the attack. I do not care if pResident Brandon says so, I do not care if Pincus says so. Unless they can demonstrate those instances are never going to happen to me, I will keep aiming for center mass.

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