Some cops are cowards.

Some are incompetent.

When you fine one that’s both, you know it’s going to end badly.

Arkansas deputy shoots at Pomeranian but hits woman standing on porch instead

A lawsuit has been filed against a Columbia County deputy, the sheriff, and the sheriff’s office after the deputy shoots at a dog, but strikes a woman standing on her front porch instead.

Tina Hight, the woman who was shot in August 2022, still has the bullet lodged in her shin. She’s now not only dealing with anxiety but also continuous doctor’s appointments.

She initially called 911 for help, but instead was shot on her own front porch she told Seven On Your Side.

In the video, Columbia County Deputy Brian Williams is heard shouting at the dog: “Get back, get your dog, I’ll kill this ************. Get your God**** dog.”

Williams then fires a warning shot, but that quickly escalates.

Tre Kitchens, Hight’s attorney, called the deputy’s actions beyond negligent.

The lawsuit also names Columbia County Sheriff Mike Loe.

“We’re also alleging that the sheriff of Columbia County clearly did not train him, did not educate him, and if that kind of behavior is appropriate in Columbia County there’s a bigger issue with that department in general,” Kitchens said.

Here’s the video:


Those weren’t pitbulls and they weren’t charging the officer.  The dogs stayed on the porch and he shot at them anyway.

Notice how his partner was also on the porch and in the line of fire.  He could have shot another deputy but hit a civilian instead.

I agree that this officer should never work as a cop again, and I suspect that a lot of his fellow officers feel the same way.

Nobody want to be downrange of a cowardly, trigger happy moron.


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By J. Kb

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