COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Conscripts in Norway have been ordered to return their underwear, bras and socks after the end of their military service so that the next group of recruits can use them.

The Norwegian military said Monday that it is struggling with dwindling supplies, in part due to the pandemic.

The Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization said because of “a challenging stockpile situation, this move is necessary as it provides the Armed Forces with greater garment volumes available for new soldiers starting their initial service.”

Norway Tells Conscripts to Return Underwear After Service |

“Are you ready to defend your homeland? Stop scratching yourselves! The crabs are nothing compared to the Russians!”

Can we like send somebody to Walmart and get a couple of six-packs of Fruit of the Looms undies?  This has to be embarrassing for any military. Not quite a supply chain but more like a supply silly string.

PS: I owe the hat tip. I think it was PaulK, but lost the email.

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