The Palestinians do not give a single solitary fraction of an iota of a fuck about George Floyd.

The word used in Palestinian and Arab communities for black people is “abeed” which means “slave.”

No Palestinians care about police brutality of American citizens of any race.

The know that Progressives are fucking stupid.  They are NPCs who know nothing but platitudes.

So Palestinians painting a picture of George Floyd manipulates Progressives into thinking Palestinians are part of the mutual intersectional community.

It’s propaganda and Palestinians know Progressives are easily swayed by propaganda.

When Avatar was in theaters Palestinians protested Israel painted blue like the Navi.

There is no correlation between that movie and what’s happening in Palestine, but unthinking Progressives ate that shit up.

I will give the Palestinians credit where it is due. They do know know to emotionally manipulate stupid Progressives from afar.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The Palestinians know how to manipulate Progressives because Progressives are stupid”
  1. Notice half the foreign protest signs are always in English?

    And the English Language signs are Front and Center behind the reporter?

    I wonder if they have German and French protest signs for their reporters too? or is the English language universal enough? Or is it that America is that influential and that powerful?

    1. The progressive fools that matter are in America. There are also progressive fools in Europe, but Europe doesn’t matter much. Also, in Europe the politicians are already mostly anti-semitic so it isn’t necessary to send much propaganda in that direction.

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