Welcome to Great Britain, where your kitchen utensils will be seized.

Kitchen knives could be seized from homes of suspected criminals under new Home Office plans being considered

Kitchen knives could be seized from the homes of suspected criminals under a proposed Home Office plan.

According to The Telegraph, the move is one of numerous measures created to harden up sentences for selling, importing and possessing knives.

The Ben Kinsella Trust noted an 11 per cent increase in knife crime in England and Wales in the 12 months to September 2022, with police recording 50,434 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument during that period.

Ministers have pointed out that police have their hands tied when raiding suspected criminal’s homes if they come across weapons that are not on the banned list, including machetes.

Officers are not allowed to seize weapons if they are not banned, even if they are suspected to have been used in crimes.

Machetes are set to be outlawed under plans to be announced by ministers today.

Sales of the long-bladed weapons will be banned except for legitimate use, such as gardening and outdoor pursuits.

The Left loves to tell us how England effectively banned guns which is why they don’t have the gun homicide rate we do.

The repeat that to distract from the fact that their knife homicide rate rivsls our gun homicide rate.

So what are they doing?

Banning just about every type of knive available and are going take tye kitchen knives away from suspected criminals.

Yup, all of Great Britain is going to be one big maximum security prison where even the cooking implements are tightly controlled.

I have a feeling that sometime next year I’m going to be posting about how kitchen knives in England are going to have to be cable locked to the kitchen counter and only the police will have the key.  Either that or all food in England will be sold pre-cut and nobody will have kitchen knives without a restaurant license.

You absolutely cannot control crime by limiting access to the items people use to commit crimes.  You end up going down the path of England which has banned everything pointy and still can’t stop the savage underclass from killing people.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The pathetic deaths to which Great Britain has fallen”
  1. Post “offensive” memes?
    Get your knives confiscated.

    Cry “Death to the Jews! We will rape your daughters!” on the streets?
    Keep your knives because traditional dishes are part of your cultural heritage or something.

  2. The knife ban is how the nanny country deals with muslims attacking citizens with knives. Better to ban the tool so we don’t “offend our wonderful diverse cultures “… they have been fubared for a long time. Criminals have more rights than subjects…

  3. Next on the list: all roads to be converted to dirt surfaces, because cobblestones and chunks of cement are too dangerous.

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