Two pieces of data:

A Quinnipiac poll.

Vast Majority Of Americans Say Ban Russian Oil, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 8 In 10 Support U.S. Military Response If Putin Attacks A NATO Country

As the world witnesses what is happening to Ukraine, Americans were asked what they would do if they were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country? A majority (55 percent) say they would stay and fight, while 38 percent say they would leave the country. Republicans say 68 – 25 percent and independents say 57 – 36 percent they would stay and fight, while Democrats say 52 – 40 percent they would leave the country.

A Rasmussen poll.


So, rich Democrats who are the ones most screaming for us to get involved in a war in Ukraine are the ones most likely to flee their own country during a war.

I suspect that this demographic has significant overlap with those with large investment portfolios containing Military Industrial Complex and Green Energy stocks.

I don’t support Putin and I hope Ukrainians give their invaders hell.

But you can see why I have no desire to send troops there.

They would be cannon fodder for rich Democrats to boost their stock values.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “The people loudest about wanting to send troops to Ukraine are the ones most likely to flee from a fight”
  1. Ukraine is one thing. Taiwan is probably ok for now simply because of how well the Ukrainians defended themselves.
    But if Putin attacks Lithuania or Poland, NATO obligations kick in. At that point we have two options: (1) send troops and fight back, or (2) default on our NATO obligations and thereby cause NATO to evaporate into thin air.

  2. If we were in the same boat as Ukraine, my old, fat @ss would stay and fight. If we end up getting into a war in Europe over NATO obligations, my kids would be going to fight (both of whom in or joining the military)

    I don’t want either but especially not the second.

  3. Boost rich Dems’ stock values … AND reduce the number of Republican voters in the next election cycle.

    Most of the enlisted military — i.e. the “boots on the ground” — still leans solidly Republican. The Dem administrations haven’t been able to push them out completely (as it turns out, patriotism is a thing … who’da thunk?), so if they want ideological control over the military, they need to find another way to reduce those numbers.

    The COVID vaccine mandates didn’t work, endless CRT and DE&I trainings didn’t work, LGBTQIAA++ equity trainings didn’t work. Even “gender sensitivity” trainings (complete with “empathy bellies”) didn’t drive them out. Sending them to fight (and possibly die, under ludicrous RoEs) in a war in which we have no business being involved, is the next option.

  4. I’m not to surprised by this really. I was in the Air Force 1996-2000. Democrats were the minority there too.

  5. Lol, yeah sure. Naked propaganda to manipulate the public into accepting WW3. I literally haven’t met a single person who wants us to go to war with Russia.

  6. It may have been propaganda, but I am not surprised the Biden Admin asked President Zelensky if he wanted to be evacuated. I have no doubt whatsoever if hot war broke out on US soil, the dems in DC would be elbowing each in the face to be the first on the flights out or DCA.

  7. as a former grunt, all wars are for profit. assholes backing the war make out like bandits, the ones fighting it. not so much.
    I learned a lot back in the 1/503 abn. the main thing, never trust any of those fuckers as they will hang your ass out to dry in a heartbeat. guys fight for each other when it comes down to it. and after the fuck up in who gives a shit stan. you really think these clowns have their act together ? and why should we spend lives and treasure on someplace 5000 miles away when we need to protect our own border ? if they want a war that bad, let them go fight it. fuck those guys

  8. Ok, so the headline and the detail under the Quinnipiac poll are a little different.

    If Putin attacks a NATO country? We (USA) are compelled to act, to come to the other members’ aid; all members are, and of course we would be at the forefront.

    The detail underneath asks something different: what would we do if we were in the same position as the Ukrainians? I guess they mean if the US was invaded? Easy….get the family somewhere safe, then gear up. A rifle behind every blade of grass. Just as applicable today as it was in WW2.

    The 52% of Democrats that say they want to leave the country? They aren’t allowed back in. They can find one of those socialist paradises they keep pining for.

    1. Jonesy,
      “Easy….get the family somewhere safe, then gear up. A rifle behind every blade of grass. Just as applicable today as it was in WW2.”
      That sounds a lot like what Ukrainians are doing now. Ukrainians on both sides. One side is sending their wives and kids to NATO Countries. The other is sending their wives and kids to Russia.
      This is looking more like Tutsis and Rwandans, except the Russian speaking and Ukrainian speaking Europeans all look the same.

  9. What enrages me the most about this senseless war is that it did not need to happen.

    Build the Keystone XL and keep drilling on public lands would have added about a million barrels per day to the world energy supply. Not only would the US not be importing Russian Oil, but World oil prices would be lower. Lower oil prices and lower demand? Russia does not get have enough income to finance the Russian welfare state AND the military too. A few short years ago and Putin was canceling warships and new tank production because he did not have enough money.

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