Let’s check in on California and how they are doing.

LA battles spate of ‘burglary tourists’ as marauding gangs from Chile, Ecuador Colombia and Peru jet in on 90-day visas and ransack millionaire mansions before fleeing back to South America

The Los Angeles Police Department has launched a task force to try to crack down on ‘burglary tourists’ who use the US tourism visa system to commit crimes.

Cunning criminals from Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru target wealthy neighborhoods in places with relaxed criminal justice laws to conduct home burglaries – before returning home with the loot while out on bail.

Experts say the issue has been increasing over the past five years, as South Americans continue to use the tourist visa system to rob Americans.

Law enforcement experts say the foreign cells of professional burglars – mostly from Columbia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru – enter the country illegally or exploit a 2014 visa waiver program intended to spur tourism from dozens of trusted countries.

The program, known as ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization – allows South Americans to enter the United States for an unlimited number of 90-day periods.

After entering the country, they carry out strings of break-ins and other crimes, bringing home up to hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen goods, the FBI said.


Burglary tourism.

Who would have thought that going easy on criminals and illegal immigrants would cause problems of this magnitude.

Of course, California won’t change its policies. That would be admitting that it’s principles are wrong.

I will tell you exactly what is going to happen.

Rich people in California will hire a new version of the Pinkertons.

They will be armed with guns regular California citizens can’t have.

They will have the ability to use lethal force that regular California citizens don’t have.

The rules won’t apply to them because they will be guarding the gated communities where the politicians and their donors live.

The regular citizens of California won’t be able to defend themselves and will be punished if they do.

Protection from crime in California will be as two-tiered as everything else.

The message will be, “You can come to the US to steal stuff, just don’t hit the elites’ homes.”

Good luck to the average citizen of California, you’re on your own.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The Pinkertons will be coming back in California”
  1. As you say, arresting them won’t do the trip due to CAtch-and-release.
    The gangs can also simply move on to lower priced neighborhoods as the wealthier ones self-protect, and then it’s a race to the bottom. Seems to me that while the profit might not be as good, the approach is likely still economically viable down to lower-middle class.
    Of course for the common folk there’s the 3S method; but along with everything else, in CA you’d probably also risk getting fined for illegal dumping.

  2. its not called the land of fruits and nuts for nothing…. maybe we can start a new “bus tour”…. we can load up a bus and go hit these areas… heh

  3. What would happen to an American Citizen doing the same in one of those South American countries?

    Don’t think it would end the same way….

  4. “People” as a generic group are rarely proactive, much favoring post-abduction locking of barn doors, but I foresee a business opportunity developing. Guido and his pals at the Mafia Retirement Home may be a bit long in tooth for it, but their children and grandchildren could create an omerta-based organization to practice prophylactic threat reduction; uniformed Pinkertons at the gate, Guido Jr. & Co. using purloined visa intelligence to ease the gatekeepers’ task. All for a fee, of course. Perhaps a “retirement enhancement program” for certain spec ops types whose age and knees may disallow continued full deployments.

    All of which, continued to its logical end, puts paid to the idea of effective government; Newsom & Friends get to parade about in media glory while The Real Work is conducted off-book.

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