An Undergraduate Student Government meeting was adjourned abruptly after some people involved in a rally supporting Palestine outside the Memorial Union threw rocks at the second-floor window to the room where the meeting was being held.

Members of ASU’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine congregated to voice support for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions legislation, and students involved in ASU’s five Jewish organizations stood against it at the USG Senate meeting on Tuesday night.

ASUPD is actively investigating the incident, which is being reviewed for possible disorderly conduct/criminal damage charges.

In a statement, the University said, “Arizona State University provides a community that embraces diversity, tolerance, respect, and inclusion. The university rejects and denounces antisemitism. ASU will not tolerate physical intimidation or violence, and we will take action to ensure the physical safety of students.”

A YDSA spokesperson said none of the organizers knew who was throwing rocks and that no arrests were made.

Throwing rocks at Jews.

Is this Gaza or Germany in 1936?

It’s an American college campus.

Shit is going to get uglier.

Be armed, stay safe.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “The pogrom at Arizona State”
  1. Two ways this ends: the police do it, or the people do it. If the people have to do it, it will be much, much harder on the Nazis.

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