A Congresswoman making $174,000 per year, wearing a $12,00 dress, at an event that costs $30,000 per person to attend.

I must repeat, it’s not hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy requires going against one’s principles.

Being anti-rich is not her principle.  Her principle, like that of all Socialists, is to acquire power.  Her “tax the rich” personal is a tool that she uses to acquire power.  Using the anger and envy of the underclass to elevate her.  Like all Socialists, as soon as she has power she uses it to line her own pockets.  She is living according to her real principles.

And note that none of the people there are wearing masks.

New York is under a mask mandate.

That does not apply to the rich and famous attending the Met Gala in front of the cameras.

The point of all of this is to remind you constantly that you are just a poor peasant with no power who must be forced to give up your earnings and dignity to them on demand.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The point is to lord your powerlessness over you”
  1. Tax the Rich!

    Like “the Rich” don’t have their own tax lawyers and accountants whose sole jobs are to legally minimize their taxes using every legal dodge and loophole in the Tax Code, after buying the acquiesance of hundreds of her fellow Congresscritters that installed the loopholes and tax dodges in the US Tax Code to begin with.

    I heard they are working on a tax code rewrite in their 3-4 Trillion Dollar “Human” Infrastructure Bill. Want to bet along with their tax increases, they re-instate a State and Local Tax Deduction? Got to bail out their rich donors in California, NYFC, and Wall Street.

    Go ahead raise their federal taxes by 10%, with a SALT deduction, they will probably save 15-20% by being able to deduct NYFC and NY State taxes. Don’t think their donors haven’t already calculated it, and told them the numbers they need to use in the bill.

  2. My wife mentioned she heard Mike Huckabee discuss this event (on FBN) today. He pointed out that AOC says she was given the dress by its designer, and as far as we know also was given her seat at the table.
    That means, by the rules or laws that apply to Congresscritters, that she has to declare those gifts, perhaps as campaign contributions, or as taxable income, or both. One wonders if she will do what the law requires. My guess is “I rather doubt it”.

  3. And the point of “gun control” is not, and never has been, to reduce “gun deaths” or “gun violence” (to say nothing of death or violence in general), or to “Save the Children”.

    Those are just the pretty words they say to get people on their side.

    The point of “gun control” is, and always has been, to remove the egalitarian power-sharing balance between We the People and the government.

    A.K.A., decrease the People’s power, increase the government’s power, and make it even easier for the government to exert control over the People.

    Likewise, “Tax the Rich” is not about taxing the rich. The “rich” have their loopholes, infinite deductions (including SALT deductions) and write-offs, and swarms of lawyers to arbitrate it all until even the government — with its unlimited resources — decides it’s not worth pursuing beyond a token 10 dollar payment.

    Meanwhile, to make up the deficit caused by “the rich” not paying much in taxes, the government will increase taxes on the middle class and gut their expendable cash. Because without expendable cash, they can’t have the nice things, do the fun things, or donate to political candidates or groups.

    It’s about reducing the middle class’s quality of life and removing their voice in the political process.

    A.K.A, decrease the People’s power, increase the government’s power, and make it even easier for the government to exert control over the People.

    Whatever pretty words the Socialist Left uses, ignore them; it’s never about that. Follow the money and watch the actual effects of their laws and policies, and you’ll find one single consistent result: decreasing everyone else’s power and control, and increasing their own.

    It’s always about power and control, every time.

    1. Indeed. As has been said before, ask yourself what they intend to do to us that they can’t do to us so long as we remain armed.

  4. It’s becoming more obvious that these fools have never read Machiavelli.
    They’re not loved, and they’re definitely not feared. What they have from the public is contempt, and that’s a bad place for those in ‘leadership’ to be in.

  5. Nothing here but your daily reminder that ‘democrat’ is a synonym for ‘grotesque subhuman monster whose proper place in the world is dangling from a lamppost.’

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