The Politics of Stupid Applied to Food.

Apparently, you can only eat foods that go along with your political beliefs or risk consequences.

Does that mean I can beat the shit out of any members of La Raza or Anarchist assholes that I catch wolfing down a Big Mac? They hate America so, they shouldn’t be eating America’s food. That goes for any New York Intellectual/Intelligentsia chomping on some BBQ ribs or brisket but who has no issues crapping on the South and all Fly-Over states.

Please, do not give us ideas.

PS: You are not allowed to eat Venezuelan food. Mostly because there is not that much left and they are starving to death.
Yes, I made bad joke.

2 Replies to “The Politics of Stupid Applied to Food.”

  1. The in the Facebook comments for the group Smash Racism DC, they complained that the restaurant was a “gringo owned” Mexican place. So the restaurant itself was “cultural appropriation.”

    The new rules mean that white people can neither cook nor eat Mexican food.

  2. I don’t suppose these white people bothered to ask the actual Mexican restaurant owners how they felt? Anecdotally the Mexican restaurants in my area (owned by actual Mexicans) get more than half of their business from people who are not Mexican so they would rather have gringos in their places spending money rather than virtue signaling them into bankruptcy.

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