Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is a Marine who posted a video online demanding accountability for the deaths of other Marines in the clusterfuck of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

He was “relieved for cause based on a lack of trust and confidence as of 14:30 [Friday 8/27/2021].”

Keep in mind that not one military officer that spoke out against Trump was punished.

The Staff Sergent I wrote about earlier who did a TikTok about shooting civilians under marshall law wasn’t punished as severly.

Scheller was a well-liked and respected officer.

The only person punished for this epic fuck-up is one guy not responsible for it and demanding accountability.

This can’t be incompetence.  Something this bad has to be done on purpose.

This will drive good people like Scheller out of the military.  Only the bureau-weenies will stay.

Everything is pointing in the direction of a partisan military staffed by people who are loyal to the bureauratic Left.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “The punishment of Lt Col Stuart Scheller is intended to accelerate the military purge”
  1. THIS is the problem with our voting system- we get the “kind compassionate crowd” in and they try to ban or oust all that “they” dont like…. Then we get a guy like Trumpy in and America comes roaring back..
    Rotten cycle that Americas senile mind forgets every voting cycle..

  2. “ This can’t be incompetence. Something this bad has to be done on purpose. “
    Finally waking up? EVERYTHING happening are deliberate actions by the communist,,,, I mean the demoncrap party.

  3. By all means, chase out the good officers.

    Then they’ll wonder how they lost, as the gallows are being assembled and the ropes put in place.

    1. Very unusual anymore, to see anyone stand on principles, no matter the cost. And no, that doesn’t include the ones that put their ass on the line daily, just REMF’s and politicians.

  4. At this point I say to hell with it, when we take power again purge the hacks. Relieve for cause, and court-martial for conduct unbecoming. The retired ones too.

  5. What an absolute brainless idiot. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut for 36 months so he could retire with honor and gain a pension for himself, HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN. All that BS his family put up with for the past 17 years is all flushed down the bowl. What an absolute punk. A dismissal from the service, he’ll make a great landscaper or grave digger. No company either contractor or regular civilian organization will ever hire you. You are now considered equal to a felon. Don’t for one second think that Corps JAG won’t roll in hot on you and actually process you for courts martial as an example to everyone. You just had to have your 15 minutes of infamy. Enjoy food stamps, Section 8 housing and begging on street corners. You deserve everything you’ve sewn.
    As a retired officer myself, I deem you a disgrace to the uniform. There is only one way out of this, do it on the front lawn so you won’t make a mess.

    1. “Go along to get along”, huh? Money ain’t everything. The guy made a conscious choice to voice his disgust. Will his rant make any difference? Likely not. But, every man has his breaking point.

      Suggesting he kill himself because you don’t like the way he went out makes you look pretty bad.

      1. As for “no company would hire him”, false. I would, for any number of individual contributor or management positions.

      2. HP, I’ll bet you’ve never served a day. Come talk to me after 31 years and 3 filled passports along with qualifications in every single Army aircraft in the inventory. I started in Panama and every engagement from that point on. I might know a thing or two about being honorable, oaths and such. This LTC lost his soul.

        1. So, have you actually served? I seem to remember that “qualified in every single Army aircraft” is a classic red flag marking someone who pretends to have a military background.

          1. Whether he served or not, one of the saddest things to behold is the keyboard warrior who thinks listing credentials indignantly somehow proves his point or wins an argument. Jim is sad.

    2. Jim,

      you and your gutless, honorless, time serving, ass-kissing hacks are the problem. The sooner your bureaucratic incompetent ilk are retired from the military, the better off we all will be.

  6. Any purge needs to be thorough. It isn’t like we are Stalin and Beria executing and sending them off to die in a gulag They get kicked out/retired. We need to retire not just the “guilty,” but those that knew all about it, and did nothing, going along to get along. Retire the entire Joint Chiefs, AND their Entire Staffs, Officers, Enlisted, and Civilian, all the way down to the junior typists/admin assistants. Retire their favorite staffers, the nepotists, their clique members. Failures must have consequences. Repeated Failures need drastic consequences.

    Make an example of them, so terrifying to their ticket-punching, empire building, retirement nest building souls that no one ever does it ever again. So terrifying, that the service academies actually start teachingand demanding ethics, accountability, responsibities, and Duty, Honor, Country once again.

    Then you need to do the same in the DIA, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, State, DHS, BATFE, and any bureaucracy with a SWAT squad.

    And if/when they try a coup de etat? Then you bring out your inner Beria.

    1. I don’t think we will get time to clean out our mess.

      President for Life Xi is consolidating power and authority in Communist China. Xi just outlawed “celebrity culture,” and is shutting websites and even arresting celebrities. He is going to limit video gamevplaying to an hour each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

      I am afraid these are preliminary steps before he decides to conquer Taiwan and whatever else he can grab in the next few years.

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