From Fox News:

Ex-Sanders consultant arrested after allegedly planting weapons in jail for ‘evil’ escape plot

A former consultant for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign was arrested after he allegedly planted loaded weapons and ammunition inside a Tennessee corrections facility that was under construction in an attempt to carry out a future jailbreak, authorities said.

Criminal justice reform advocate Alex Friedmann, who was not an inmate but allegedly was plotting to help prisoners escape when the facility opened, was arrested Tuesday on one count of felony vandalism, but Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall said during a press conference Wednesday that the allegations go far beyond that.

“Throughout the last several weeks it was discovered that Mr. Friedmann, over many months, had developed and implemented an extremely deliberate – and in my opinion evil – plan,” Hall said during the press conference, which was broadcast by local NBC affiliate WSMV. “Understand, this plan went far beyond vandalism. Ultimately it included planting various tools, weapons, security equipment throughout this facility. All designed to assist in a massive escape plan.”

Hall went on to describe how the weapons included loaded guns and ammunition.

Nashville News Channel 5 had this report:

Who is Alex Friedmann? A look at the advocate accused of planting guns inside the Metro Jail

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall said criminal-turned-advocate Alex Friedmann masterminded an “evil” plan to hide guns inside the unfinished Downtown Detention Center.

“What disturbed me most is not that this was about an escape, it was all about loss of life,” Hall said.

Over the last 15 years Friedmann has become a leader in advocating about criminal justice issues across the state. He took up the cause after he was sentenced to ten years in prison on an assault charge. Since his 1999 release he’s written legal journals and pushed prison-reform policy, including testifying on Capitol Hill and at the Tennessee State Capitol and even speaking with NewsChannel 5 about prison safety concerns.

Alex Friedmann was a criminal justice reform activist and consultant for the Bernie Sanders Campaign.

He also is an ex-felon who tried to set up a jailbreak in which prisoners could arm themselves and kill guards.

This man is not about criminal justice reform, he’s simply pro-crime.

Keep in mind that Bernie, who is popular with the whole “abolish prisons” crowd, has gone on the record praising the Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba.

The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist Cuba, China, Cambodia, and Chavez’s and Maduro’s Venezuela all employed violent thugs to empower their regime.

These governments rule by fear.  Most human beings find it hard to deliberately hurt others, it is our empathetic nature as a gregarious species.

Remember that we have to train our soldiers to be killers.  That’s not an easy thing for most people to do.

Criminals have proven that they possess the temperament, the lack of empathy, which makes it possible for them to engage in casual cruelty and violence.

So if a government needs thugs to be enforcers for the regime and terrorize the population into submission, the first place for the government to turn is to criminals.

It was easy for a dictator like Hitler, Stalin, or Castro to just put violent thugs in uniform.  In the US, that is still a challenge.  It’s a federal offense to give a felon a gun.  So criminal justice reform stops felons from being felons.  No bail,  diminished sentences, banning criminal background checks for government jobs, giving welfare to ex-felons, all empower criminals.  When the Left in the US needs its Brownshirts and Blackshirts it has a ready and willing group that is already loyal to it and has demonstrated that it is more than capable of preying on the ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

That is why an ex-felon who is pro-crime is going to be a big-time Bernie supporter and consultant.

In a civil society he would be a pariah, in a Bernie society he would be a paid skull breaker making sure anybody who wouldn’t vote for Bernie spends election day in the ER.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The purpose of criminal justice reform becomes suddenly crystal clear”
  1. Can someone send me an example of a “Bernie Bro” being bad.
    from a Kieth Ellison (Attorney General of Minnesota) tweet.

    Yeah, there are just no examples of “Bernie Bros” being bad.

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