Sam Brinton was fired.

The Army is investigating the gay puppy play fetish officers who had a gay kink slave orgy in Hawaii while on duty and posted pictures of themselves in fetish gear abd uniform.

Several nurses in Atlanta have been fired for making TikTok videos in the hospital mocking patients.

It seems normal people have had fucking enough of the weird shit going on and organizations are realizing they have to hold people accountable.

I wonder if this is fallout from the Twitter files.  The curtain got pulled back a little and now people are demanding accountability.

One day we may look back on Musk buying Twitter as the catalyst for major change.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The pushback seems to be starting”
  1. Musk could be the start… its about GD time. Many are getting real tired of friggin liberals and the double standards…. As ancient chinese curse says- we DO live in interesting times…

  2. School boards flipping was the big sign. NOW the hard part is keeping the momentum going, including keeping focus on rogue school boards and administrators so people don’t return to complacency.

    1. The Coward County school board just rehired the school supervisor that DeSantis fired. It is almost like flipping school boards is important.

  3. I can believe it but I can’t believe it that the stupid 140 character app to text to the public your current thoughts, mood, or a quip has become this important to politics and our society.

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