We have seen a number of cases go into the court system and we keep getting wins. We recently had the entire “bump stock” ban be declared unconstitutional. Parts of the NJ kill carry bill were found unconstitutional. Parts of the NY CCIA have been ruled unconstitutional multiple times.

Lots of wins.

These wins come because the second amendment rights groups are bringing the fight to the government.

But not all the cases are currently wins.

Recently in King County, WA a judge granted a preliminary injunction against a gun store.

The Washington State version of the gestapo was sending in undercover agents to attempt to purchase standard capacity magazines. Four times they showed up and the guy behind the counter didn’t twig.

This means that the store is on the hook for $7500 for offering a standard capacity magazine for sale and another $7500 for each actual sale. So $15,000 for every magazine they sold.

The question that was asked by the plaintiffs (bad guys) was if the defendants(good guys) broke Washington State law in selling standard capacity magazines. Because that was the question asked, that is the question that the court will answer.

At trial, we can hope that the defendants make a Second Amendment case challenging the law. Because the state brought the suite this means that the defendants have standing.

This could be planned, it could just be somebody giving a F’you to the state and getting caught.
Let’s watch and see.

WA county judge orders gun shop to stop selling high-capacity magazines

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By awa

4 thoughts on “The question asked…”
  1. The ultimate goal of “gun rights” groups should be to get “law abiding citizens “ declared just THAT. When liberals give more rights to criminals than citizens that in itself is a crime. We the People are winning more now than before. We the People need to become more involved in the fight, never quit.

  2. Sorry, I’m not hip.

    “Four times they showed up and the guy behind the counter didn’t twig.”

    If this means that he didn’t sell any standard capacity mags, then why is he facing charges?

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