Wide margin of voters support key element of Florida sex education bill, poll finds

A wide margin of American voters support banning the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity to students from kindergarten to third grade, a key element of Florida’s controversial sexual education bill, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

Fifty-one percent of Americans who responded to the poll say they support “banning the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten through third grade” while 35% are opposed, representing a 16-point margin. Also, 52% of respondents say they supported limiting the same type of discussion in other grades based on how “age-appropriate” they are.


So despite a massive and unified media campaign against the bill, and the POLITICO poll calling the bill by it’s inaccurate media appellation, it still got majority support.

Americans don’t like grooming children but the radical Left is intent on doing it anyway.

I’m glad polling like this is comming out and the tide is starting to turn.

Child groomers need to understand,we are not locked in here with them, they are locked in here with us.

And if they want to die on the hill of being allowed to groom children, I am happy to oblige them with woodchippers.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The radical Left wants to die on the unpopular hill of grooming children”
  1. “And if they want to die on the hill of being allowed to groom children, I am happy to oblige them with woodchippers.”
    Just remember to chock the wheels properly.

  2. Dang, tapped enter too early…
    Does it disturb anyone else that nearly a quarter of the surveyed strongly support the ability to introduce young kids to explicitly sexual topics? Do they not understand what this would allow, or do they want it?

    Any bets on how Biden’s JSC nominee would vote if this law gets appealed up to SCOTUS?

    1. Yeah, I don’t think it’s strong enough. 50% support and 34% oppose? Do those 34% really want child grooming or are they simply buying the “don’t say gay” crapola? The uneducated, uninformed voters who just accept whatever the media tells them are a problem.

    2. I want to believe that the people who said yes are (a) not aware of the bill’s content, and (b) not aware of the kind of insane material being foisted onto their kids.

      It’s pretty well established that teachers in some districts got mighty twitchy about remote learning when they realized Mommy or Daddy might pop in to see what Junior was being told.

      1. Toast –

        For a and b – let’s hope so. Its difficult to be at a high level of engagement locally and nationally. The fact that you have the left trying to camouflage the actual intent of the bill just adds to the problem.

  3. My sister posted a meme last night that said “If you thing kids are too young to learn about LGBTQ people, it’s because you think being LGBTQ is only about sex. It’s not.”

    That acronym is for sexual orientations.

    It literally is only about sex.

    I shouldn’t really be surprised since she’s been trying to convince her son that he’s gay since he was about 5 and…surprise surprise…he “came out” a few days shy of his 12th birthday.

    My guess is that he’ll decide he’s a girl sometime before his 15th birthday, too.

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