Make no mistake, it was just those six Dr. Seuss books that are no longer being published. Dr. Seuss is being canceled.  That is gone this goes, first those books, then the rest of his bibliography, then Dr. Seuss himself.

It will be a difficult purge but it will happen.

It started with the denial of Dr. Seuss during the announcement of Read Across America on Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Why are they doing this?

Because children love Dr. Seuss.

Last night they wanted me to read One Fish Two Fish  Red Fish Blue Fish.  It had nothing to do with the news, they just wanted it.

That is the problem.

I looked at the Nation Education Association’s recommended reading list. It is a woke nightmare.

Top of the list is a story about a cross-dressing prince, then a trans boy who wants to be a mermaid, a biography of a child SJW activist, a book by the father of a soldier who used his son’s death to attack Donald Trump as a racist, a hagiography of an unaccompanied undocumented immigrant child, and countless books on how America is systemically racist and discriminatory.

The point of all of this is the elimination of books kids want to read.

All that will be left if woke drivel that pushes their agenda.

We are becoming the Soviet Union under Stalin or China under Mao.  The only literature that will be available to kids will be propaganda.

Once they unperson Dr. Seuss, they can eliminate the rest of the canon of enjoyable children’s literature.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The real reason Dr. Seuss was canceled”
  1. The family was talking about this yesterday.

    My point is that we are moving to the place where our children won’t be able to read these books. They will be told what these books contain.

    So instead of reading _Huckleberry Finn_, they will be told it was a racist books where a young boy mistreats a (insert currently acceptable term for person that claims to have more melanin) because he is a racist Trumpista.

    The same for any book or material they decide our children should not read. There will be no context, there will be no shades, it will be a description of the book by the censorious that makes it clear that no right thinking person would ever want to read the book.

    Owning the book would be proof that you are a Racists Trumpista.

    I remember, when younger, reading _The Call of the Wild_. I found it was boring and just dragged on and on. Later I found out that I had not read _The Call of the Wild_, I had read a “youth” abridged version. In the abridged version they would tell me what the author said in their words, and all the magic and feeling of the author’s original work was gone.

    The difference between “Jack was cold so he started a fire.” and “Jack’s hands shivered in the cold. His fingers turning blue. The water no longer dripping from his clothes as the drops froze solid. He worked quickly to gather tinder in the shelter of the tree. Holding his breath he struck the match, it sputtered out as the broken tip flew into the snow….”

    Our children wont know history, they wont know literature, they won’t even be able to read the founding documents as they won’t know cursive. All they will know is what they are told to believe

    1. Re “won’t know cursive” — there’s a precedent for that. Red China changed its writing system “to simplify it”. I suspect the real reason is to make it hard for the subjects to read pre-Communist documents.

  2. Good observation ref cursive, that had not occurred to me.

    If one cannot read the original, why, Our Betters might tell us that the Second Amendment actually calls for each state to have a National Guard contingent.

  3. It is all about destroying the cultural norms.

    End of story.

    Leftists are children, toddlers really. They have no concept of consequences for their actions, and they act emotionally, not logically.

    In their world, if something is not perfection, it must be destroyed. It matters not that the imperfection is so minor it cannot be seen without a microscope, it is an imperfection. Therefore, the whole must be destroyed.

    1. The issue isn’t really about perfection or imperfection. The issue is that only their totalitarian ideology is acceptable, and that is what they want to indoctrinate us into believing constitutes perfection.

      Today’s WSJ has an op-ed by their token leftist columnist talking about how China will eat our lunch in technology. Whether that’s true is a different question — technological development requires free thinking and initiative, things frowned on and suppressed by totalitarian countries. There’s a reason why China steals other people’s inventions.

      In any case, among other things he talks about education. It occurred to me as I skimmed the article that the efforts here to destroy education, with such abominations as “non-racist math” are part of the Chinese effort to acquire technological superiority. In other words, they can’t win on their own, but if they augment their own efforts by destroying our intellectual capabilities, they might have a chance.

  4. If one was to follow the money, I suspect that, as usual, most of the organizations and reporters working to cancel Dr. Seuss have a personal financial interest in the woke kids lit being peddled- either they or a relation has a woke kids book out, or their parent company is selling them.

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