This grotesquely obvious Tweet from Bloomberg News:


An income of $300,000 is in the top 98.9%.

So pretty much, everyone who is not in the top 1% is getting fucked.

The political elite in this country, people worth millions of dollars despite years and decades on government salaries, are insulated from the negative effects of their policies by their money while the rest of us suffer.

I keep saying what is being done is not incompetence.

It’s malicious.

It is the elite grinding us into the ground, reminding us of our place under their boot heel.

We were supposed to elect Hillary Clinton.

We were supposed to let them grift their way into more wealth.

But we didn’t elect Hillary.

We elected Trump, and for four years we prospered.

They wrestled back the reins of power under despicable circumstances and now will make us pay for our insolence.

We are entering a world of neo-feudalism.

Either you are a member of the top 1% as a member of the well-connected managerial elite, or you will be ground into economic hardship until you learn to live in a pod, eat bugs, and take public transportation to your soulless job as a drone in a mega-corporation.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The revenge of the managerial elites”
  1. Think it is bad now?

    Wait until the world realizes how screwed up the Worldwide Fertilizer Production is? The first and third largest producers of Potash are guess who? Russia has already decided not to export any at all this year, and Ukraine will not be exporting much if Odessa falls.
    Guess who is one of the biggest producers of Ammonium Nitrate? Yep! Those guys again. Well there are lots of other manufacturers of Ammonia and Ammonium Nitrate world wide right? They are both produced using natural gas. The major Italian producer shut down because Natural Gas is too scarce and too expensive in Europe.
    America is a rich country compared to most of the world. We also produce a lot of food. We may be poorer and we may be hungrier because of food price inflation, but we will not starve. That is a significant possibility in much of the world. Revolutions start when people’s children are starving. The Arab Spring started when food prices in North Africa went up, and we messed up the dollar after 2008.

    1. I told my boss I’d eat communists. He said that’s cannibalism. I replied that cannibalism is eating human beings. Communists aren’t human beings…

  2. I love it when they flippantly just say ‘take the bus’ or train. I have never had the combination of home and job where I have been able to take a bus or train to work, at least not reasonable. Once when I had to go from Chicago Heights to Bloomingdale I could have driven 20 minutes to the train station in Ritchton Park, then took the train for 70 minutes into Chicago, where I would have to wait 30 minutes for the train out to the western burbs with a 60 minute ride to Glendale Heights, and then have to take a 15 minute cab to Bloomingdale. Work day almost over by the time I would get there. Pretentious assholes.

    1. Same for me, if anything more so. I’ve never had a public transit option for work. Biked to my teenage summer job (an hour each way, in “public transit paradise” Holland mind you). Walked in college until I got a beater car. After that, I’ve always lived in NH, which hasn’t had train service anywhere that I know of for the better part of a century. And buses? In a few big cities, a few parts have city bus service. The other 99% of the state knows only one kind of bus, the school bus.
      I did once take a train from Manchester to Boston, to get to the airport, 35 years ago or so. That train rattled along at a top speed of 20 mph, average more like 10, and for the tracks that was definitely pushing the limits of safety. Never did that again, obviously, and the service didn’t last long anyway.

  3. Not to mention that “Don’t buy in bulk” is exactly the wrong advice. Yes, you pay more for the package than if you buy smaller quantities but the smaller packages cost more next month because your money is worth less. Meanwhile if you’re buying bulk food, you already have some you got at a lower price.
    Think of those Weimar stories. The money was inflating so fast that people would rush out on payday to buy as much food as they could, before the money was worthless. Same concept, slower time scale. For the moment.

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