There have been a number of genocides in the last 100 years.  Some we know about, some are known to historians.  Unfortunately some are downplayed because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The world has been forced to acknowledge the Holocaust.  At least six million Jews were murdered as well as a couple of million other undesirables.  The first step in the process was to make sure that everybody knew that they were not you.

If a politician stands up and screams his hate of everybody, he gets ignore.  Since you are part of “everybody” you know his target includes you.

But if the same politician screams his hate of those people and you are not part of those people then it isn’t your problem.

This is the first step in successful propaganda.  To separate “you” from “them.”

In a recent post we talked about how the first gun control laws were targeted at blacks.  Because most of the people of power in the places where Jim Crow and Black Code  were being passed were white they knew that the laws did not apply to them.  The powers that be had created a division between the two groups that allowed people to ignore what was being done to “them”.

In war, we use propaganda to dehumanize our enemies.  This is what allows a good man to kill another man.  Sometimes the man he is attempting to kill is himself a good man.

During military trials in the era of the musket, armies would put up cloth targets to represent a group of soldiers.  We are talking of a target yards in length and 2 to 3 yards tall.

To evaluate they used a combat formation (100+ men?) that were arranged in three ranks.  On command the first row would fire a volley.  The two rows behind would march forward and the row that just fired would begin reloading. The new first row would fire.  This would continue in a continuous progression to put rounds on target.

And in most of these trials the firearms were more than capable of putting many rounds through that large target.

But in battle the results were much worse.  At the time it was believed that the stress was causing the soldiers to miss.  Today there is research that strongly suggests that many soldiers were firing to intentionally miss.

It requires propaganda to train a good man to not see another man in his sights, but instead something that isn’t really a human.  A target, the enemy.

During WWI there was an unofficial ceasefire near Christmas and the men in the trenches came out, exchanged rations, played soccer and in short celebrated being alive and it being Christmas.

Afterwards command had to move the troops to other areas because the troops had identified with their enemies to the point where they were no longer combat effective.

Unfortunately there is a step past othering that propaganda can go.  That is the process of dehumanizing the enemy/target.

In Germany the propaganda targeted Jews as non-human. They were depicted as rats, disease carriers.  All of the countries problems could be traced back to the rats.  The rats brought the economic ruin that Germany was seeing.  The rats were taking all the wealth from the country.  The rats were eating fine foods and drinking fine wines while your baby cried from hunger.

Wouldn’t it be better if we just took all the stuff the rats had collected?  It could be put to much better use by the good people of Germany.

So when the brown shirts were destroying Jewish owned businesses, when the Jews were being removed from all public offices, when the Jews were having their life savings confiscated, it was for the good of Germany.  It was just taking from the rats, not people at all.

The next Genocides took place in communist controlled countries.  Since they were good little communists the media hid the horrific results from the people of the US (and Western Europe).

In these communists countries the “rats” were those that were successful.  It was impossible for the successful to have become successful without cheating.  Bosses didn’t add anything to the value of what was produced so they were worthless parasites.

Owning land meant you were wealthy and that meant that you were cheating.  If you weren’t cheating than your neighbors would be as wealthy as you.

Of note is the fact that they took all the land from the land owners and then gave it out equally to all of the peasants.  A few years later the communists came through and took the land away from the successful farmers.  It seems that when people start at a equal point and with a level playing field, some do better than others.

The only way to have equality of outcome is to have everybody fail.

Regardless, the process of treating “them” as less than human allowed the communists to kill well over 100 million people.  The real number is unlikely to ever be known.  And they did it on the cheap.

Having to have propaganda posters that read “Remember, it is wrong to eat your children” (Unverified, I’m unable to find an image of this supposed poster) because they were being starved to death in the Holodomor is an indication of the causal evil that takes place when “they” are no longer “humans”.

The latest known Genocide took place in Rwanda.

(Take the following with a grain of salt.  I’ve read about it and done a little studying of the Rwandan Genocide but I am not an expert)

As the Europeans left africa they left a power vacuum in their place.  Because Europeans like to have nice boundaries between political entities, this vacuum was going to lead to horrible things..  Europeans used things  like rivers for boundaries.  On this side of that river is Germany and on this side is France.  Mountain ranges also worked.  Anything that can be used as a visible boundary worked.

Many societies with lower tech levels don’t use rivers as boundaries but instead claim both sides of the river.  Thus a tribe in Africa, prior to the Europeans taking over, would own a distance up and down a river on both sides.  Their neighboring tribe would own the next river over.  The boundary between the tribes was “just known” and in fact might be very loosely defined.

It didn’t make that much of a difference because there was likely intertribal raiding and fighting going on.

When the Europeans took over they said “Enough of this “just know” crap, that river is the boundary of this colony and that river over there is the other side of the colony.”

In so doing they almost always ended up with multiple tribes living in the colony and each tribe split by the river.

As long as the Europeans were there to rule with an iron fist, the natives were forced to behave in a semi-civilized way toward each other.

Add to that a level of arrogance on the part of the Europeans of “All Blacks look the same” and you suddenly have two tribes being treated the same, not always well, but the same.  And the Europeans being pretty oblivious that they were forcing cultural enemies into close proximity with each other.

While the left talks about the noble native there isn’t any such creature.  While many natives had survival skills that the Europeans didn’t have, in most cases they really were at the lowest of tech levels.

The natives of north America did not use the wheel.  They had other means of transporting goods but they didn’t use the wheel.

The history that was taught in the 1960’s and 70’s said that the natives taught the Pilgrims how to plant and tend crops.  The big one that they taught was “The Europeans were so stupid they didn’t know how to fertilize their crops.  The Indians taught them to plant corn in clumps with fish heads at the base as fertilizer.”

The fact of the matter was that the Pilgrims were pretty ignorant about being first touch colonists.  They had trained in arms.  They were expecting to arrive much further south at one of the established colonies, such as Jamestown, where they expected to hire out as armed guards and to be able to purchase goods and services in exchange for what they brought with them and their skills in arms.

Instead they landed near what is now Boston.  They were totally unprepared to do survival living.  Of course the natives had things to teach them.

This argument is sort of like telling a master cabinet maker that he now has to raise his own crops.  The man could build everything you need in your home but might have a hard time identifying the south end of a mule.

The “noble savage” was busy kidnapping his neighbors, stealing their food, attempting to gather enough food and hunt enough protean to survive.  They weren’t creating great works of civilization.  They didn’t need to.  They were violent, dirty, and short lived.

To put this in perspective, Thomas Sowell points out that the Scottish people in the same time period or a little before were just as savage, just as violent and also struggling to survive.

Digression aside, as the Europeans left Africa, turning the different countries over to the natives, they didn’t pay attention to the fact that they were turning over the country to two or more tribes that had ancient hates for each other.  Think “Hatfields vs. McCoys” of Appalachia fame.

They hated each other with such burning hate for reasons that nobody could really remember.

Add to that, they were often physically different from each other.  Tribes tended to have enough inbreeding that natives of one tribe looked different from all other tribes.

This is the set up for the Genocide of Rwanda.

The germans took control of Rwanda around 1885 and turned it over to Belgium around 1916 as part of the League of Nations.  In 1945 it transitioned into a Belgian/UN trust territory.  They were granted their independence in 1962.

The country had two primary tribes, the Tutsis and the Hutus.  They country switched from being in control of one faction to being in the control of the other faction.  Because of the tribal split, when the Hutus took control the Tutsis were able to go to neighboring Uganda where they joined with the Tutsis living in Uganda and together they attacked Rwanda.

The Tutsis wanted concessions so that they could still live in Rwanda, safely.  The Hutus were scared the Tutsis wanted to take control back.  Sort of like Democrats are scared of Republicans taking control of the country back.

This was a civil war that went on for 4 years.

During that time the Hutus were in control of the government.  They started broadcasting anti-tutsis propaganda.

Whereas the Germans called the Jews “rats”, the Hutus called the Tutsis “cockroaches”.

The government controlled radio station would broadcast this sort of propaganda with a never ending drum beat.  Comedians would make jokes about “cockroaches” and everybody knew what they meant.  They meant Tutsis.

Sort of like when late night comics today make fun of conservatives.  Or those idiots in flyover country.  What?  You can’t take a joke?

Look at the political cartoons in any major publication, you’ll find that the overwhelming percentage is pro left and nasty to the right.

The right is evil.  They right wants to destroy.  The right will force you to be host mothers.  The right will force you back into the closet.

The right doesn’t understand it is simply being polite to give in.  The right is violent.  The right is extreme.

It goes on and on, day after day.  I’ve been called so many nasty names by people that I’ve never meet since Obama was elected that I’ve lost track.  I wear them like a badge.  I don’t remember this level of vitriol from prior to 2008.

The joke was always the Republicans think of Democrats as stupid, Democrats think of Republicans as evil.

Today we are continuing to see that drum beat of dehumanizing language applied to conservatives, gun owners, Republicans and just about anybody to the right of Stalin.

It is starting to seep into the general conscious.

When Sunny Hostin on The View says “I read a poll just yesterday that White Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid, right?” she likely isn’t smart enough to know the insult.

She was attempting to say that these women are voting against their best interests.  The problem is that the narrative has perculated around her so much that she is causally racists and thinks nothing of comparing her enemy to cockroaches.

This is the power of Propaganda.

My father was a Republican for all the time I lived with my parents.  They were conservative even when the rest of the family was not.  He and my mother are not Democrats.  They turned into leftists when Obama took office and have stayed that way ever since.  They had full on TDS.

My wife got an email from my father telling her to vote for the democrat for Senate this month because the Republican was an right wing extremists that will destroy our democracy.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?! This is the same man that taught me that we are a Republic.  That to be conservative means to think things through.  The lessons he taught me still live within me.  I’m proud of my father.  I can’t stand to talk to him as his TDS has now developed to the point where he considers me to be evil because I don’t sing the praises of Joe Biden (and I own firearms)

Keep an eye on the words they use.  Note how those words and phrases start to seep into other parts of our culture.

Stay armed and vigilant.  It is going to get spicy out there.  I hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon, but it is still wise to keep your head on a swivel.  Stay gray, keep alert.

This article was edited because even AWA couldn’t stand the vast number of grammar errors and wrong words in it.  There is still likely more.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “The Role of Propaganda in Genocide”
  1. I always love the ‘best interests’ line. iow, they’re saying that you’re too stupid/ignorant/weak to know what’s ‘best’ for you so you should let them run your life.

  2. “The only way to have equality of outcome is to have everybody fail.”
    I am using that line.
    Seriously though, everything you said is 100% correct. If you want to start a genocide, you have to dehumanize your opponent. And, correct again, this started in earnest when 0bama was running. It was the “rich” that were the problem, it was the evil corporations, it was anyone who wanted to use the fruits of their labor for their family first before helping out society as a whole. 0bama is the reason why I am a hard right voter, and he is the reason why I see through the propaganda as quickly as I do.
    A large part of the problem is how history is taught in schools. While the “woke” version is bad enough, that is not what I am talking about.
    What is lacking in history education is the “why.” Yes, the who and when is being taught perfectly well. But, no understanding of why these events happened is the problem. Why did the Pilgrims need to be saved by the Indians? No one gets the real story, they get the dates and the names.
    The whole concept of the “noble” savage is laughable. Why did the Indians use “every part of the kill?” Because they were living in harmony with the land? Not a chance. It was because they sucked at hunting because the available tools were inefficient. Give them a firearm that is accurate for 100 yards, and they will stop giving a damn if they left parts behind. Same with manufacturing, building, medicine, etc… As soon as they were sure they would be able to feed themselves, all that “live in harmony with the land” stuff went right out the window.

  3. I understand every word. I have learned the same history you used to form your logical argument, and I know that history we use, is accurate, and is ‘The Truth’ all people need to learn so it is not repeated. My case is different from yours in that my father, being a high educated political conversative who always lived in the central areas of liberal leftist strongholds in the country, taught me the propaganda tactics of the leftist. He taught me discipline of critical thinking, to know the differences of moral order and immoral disorder and to always choose 0-9 and except nothing else and be willing to defend it with your life should that need become reality.

    I live in Central Florida where leftists are a weak minority at best, however there are sixty-seven counties in Florida, and nine counties are dominated by leftist. Today two of those nine counties look as if they…. might, elect conservative leaders. The other seven are staunch strongholds which are more left than ever—they would have everyone believe but we’ll see in a few days if they were telling the truth over the past two years. So, awa, people such as you and me, dominate this part of my state. We are the overwhelming majority which continually keeps an eye on our political enemies’ efforts to gain any foothold within our society, culture and government.

    We know we have the Grace of The Almighty on our shoulder and will fight the Good Fight, at just the right moment and not a moment sooner. As was the case in the first civil war, there were many areas of the nation of that day which did not experience violence-war directly, and I believe such will be the case here.

  4. If you have a good grasp of history many words and phrases people use should put your hackles up and leave you reaching for the nearest weapon. Struggle sessions, as you mentioned cockroaches, recently one of the campus commies has tried to bring back calling undesirables logs or firewood, and many many others referencing historical actual oppressions and violence.


    To your point about Europeans naively assigning neat borders I remember in school one of my poli-sci professors taught that it was purposefully done to ensure that multiple rival tribes or ethnic groups would be assigned as a new nation so that they would be too busy squabbling and trying to enrich their group at the expense of a rival group to mount any kind of meaningful opposition to their conquerors. Same thing we did in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the different families and factions.

  5. Ann Vandersteel, a US Constitutional expert has stated: that constitutional law is above the statutory law of the government bureaucrats and that the government is created by the people through statutory law.
    Now contrast the difference between how the B’hag, Rif and Rosh halachic codes differ from the Rambam, Tur, and Shulkan Aruch halachic codes – Common Law as opposed to statute law. The latter makes no distinction if a halacha comes from a Mishna or Gemarah source. The Gemara learns the Mishna as Common Law. I submit to you that Rabbi Yechuda named his Mishna based upon דברים having a second name משנה תורה, and that this 2nd name means: Common Law.

    The Baali Tosafot commentary exists as a Common Law commentary on the Talmud. Because the Gemara commentary to the Mishna, the latter continues the Mishnaic Common law. The Mishna – a Case/Rule system of Common Law. The Difficulty/Answer style of the Gemara reflects the Prosecutor/Defense role of a 3-man Torts court.

    The Capital Crimes Sanhedrin courts likewise split into a Prosecution and Defense organization. The opposing judges argued their prospective case in order to persuade an opposing justice of the court to switch sides. If no justice switched from prosecutor to defence or vice versa, then the Nassi would decide the Case. When I sat as a Sanhedrin judge in Jerusalem, my rabbinic peers did not understand the “Order” of a Sanhedrin courtroom. They wanted to base that court upon a Rambam “statute law” model!

    The Yeshiva world fails to address that publication of the Rambam halachic code threw the Jewish world into total anarchy and chaos. The Spanish rabbis highly assimilated to the recent discovery of ancient Greek philosophy. Sa’adiah Gaon too embraced and assimilated to the recent rediscovery of ancient Greek philosophy.

    Contrast the Hannukah story. The Perushim rejected Greek culture, specifically the logic developed by Plato and Aristotle. The Tzeddukim, like the later Spanish rabbis (Ezra’s son converted to Islam) highly assimilated to ancient Greek philosophy. I submit that Maccabeans dedicated the lights of Hannukah – to interpret the Written Torah restricted to Common Law precedents. I can prove that any sugia ס, or parek פ in the Chumash can learn directly from the משנה תורה of the Oral Torah Book of דברים.

    Order סדר defines both the Siddur and the Sha’s Mishna. Common law completely different from Roman statute law. The Rambam code – – bases itself on an Arabic/Greek statute law system. The Rambam based his halachic code, as did Sa’adiah Gaon upon the Arabic numerical system. Arab philosophers, how they learned Aristotle’s logic format, highly influenced both assimilated scholars!

    What causes antisemitism? Jewish assimilation and intermarriages, emphasized in the Book of Ezra. The Torah through a direct negative commandment forbids assimilation to any culture or customs of Goyim who do not recognize the revelation of the Torah at Sinai & Horev. The generation of Shoah Jewry, what percentage of assimilation describes that generation lost?

    The beit din of Rabbenu Jonah placed the Rambam into charem and burned his books in Spain in the early 1230s. In 1242 the king of France and the Pope burned all the Talmud in Paris. The Civil War between the Common Law Jewish scholars vs the Statute Law Jewish scholars best identified between the Rosh and his son the Baali Turim.

    The halachot within the Common Law codes of the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh – – they serve as precedents to study and learn the expansive nature of the language of the Mishna. That’s why those common law scholars always open with a Mishna before bringing the Gemara precedents of הלכה למעשה. Assimilated Rambam’s code, despite having the name משנה תורה, his code bases its halachic rulings upon Roman statute law. The difference between British vs French and German law. British courts – common law; French and German courts – Roman statute law.

    The Almoravids invasion of Spain in 1086. Followed by the Crusade war crimes in Germany, clearly enhanced Jewish chaos and anarchy, in 1096. The Rambam Civil War followed this absolute disaster. The chaos and anarchy which divided Jewry, invited as a consequence foreign intervention. Just as has happened in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan today!

    The Rambam code, first published in approximately 1180. That code burned in Spain in the early 1230s. All the Jews of England, expelled in the early 1290s. The school of Talmudic common law scholarship, the Baali Tosafot, all Jews expelled from France in 1306. The German kings impose taxation without representation upon all Jews in the German kingdoms. This destroys virtually all Jewish business in Germany. The church imposes the decree which imprisons all Western European Jewry to exist in ghetto prisons. A huge population transfer follows, 10s of thousands of Jews flee from Western Europe to Poland and the Ukraine.

    Following the victory of the statute law Rambam school over the French common law Baali Tosafot school, all Jewish scholarship made on the Talmud and halachic codes switched to statute law. From the Ron’s commentary to the Rif to all commentaries made on the Rambam Tur and Shulkan Aruch codes – all statute law.

    Compare this Civil War to the American Civil War which switched America from a Republic to a Democracy to the Jewish Civil War which switched Common Law to Statute Law! States rights economic autonomy and control over Senators and Congress persons sent to Washington to serve the interests of the States which sent them there … to Party discipline which determines how Congress persons and Senators vote on any and all Bills presented to Congress!

    Now recall how this letter opened: “Ann Vandersteel, a US Constitutional expert has stated: that constitutional law is above the statutory law of the government bureaucrats and that the government is created by the people through statutory law.”

    The difference between מלאכה and עבודה, the former a skilled labor. The Talmud of ראש השנה refers to the blowing of the shofar as a מלאכה/חכמה permitted on shabbat. The families of Levi who transported the Tent of the Mishkan by contrast referred to as simple labor/עבודה. Comparable to the עבודה of Egyptian slavery.

    Shabbat observance: Shabbat can mean both a day and also a week. In this sense, Shabbat compares to the Common vs. Statute law Civil War and to the States Rights vs. Political Party domination over elected officials sent to Washington Civil War. I submit that a person commits to not doing acts of מלאכה on the day of shabbat to not doing forbidden acts of עבודה on the 6 days of Chol/shabbat! This depth analysis the Rambam and all other statute law codes totally ignore! Just as most Americans today, oblivious to the distinctions between a Republic or a Democracy.

    Today Karen and I got married 25 years ago.

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