Elon Musk called their bluff and they are losing their minds. I love how they are trying to shame him for using his money as he saw fit.

You gotta love how the Liberals want to tell somebody how to spend their money, even after Musk paid 11 billion dollars in taxes for last year. How much of that suffering that he was supposed to alleviate with his money came about because of policies created and supported by the same idiots who already wasted his tax payments (and ours) on bringing GMO-Free LGQBT+ Approved Halal meals to people in Third World countries?

Will Twitter improve under new ownership? No idea and I don’t care. It sure as hell provides me with material for the blog. But seeing Libs just tearing their clothes and throwing ashes on their heads has been enjoyable

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “The screeching in Twitter is loud and stupid.”
  1. People have absolutely no clue how much that really means.

    A quick search of teh interwebs says there are about 700 million in poverty around the world. Divide $44 billion by that number and you get ~$62 per person — ONCE. Not every day, week, month, or year — just ONCE.

    Now, they need to explain what that single ~$62 will do.

    1. You don’t understand. For every 50 people we need at least one person to administer the distribution of the money. The get paid August at least 35k per year…

      So to distribute $62/person once we need to hire $70/person worth of administration. And all of those are government jobs so they never go away.

  2. Far as I can see, nothing is stopping James Martin and Bkstar00 from going out, becoming billionaires and doing whatever they want with their money.
    Wouldn’t that be the better approach: teach by example and all that?

  3. I thought the left wanted equity. Won’t making the Twitter algorithm unbiased bring equity? My guess some people just won’t take yes for an amswer.

    1. Equity has nothing to do with equality. Totally different concepts.
      What you are talking about is equality. Everyone has equal access to do what they want.
      What the leftists are pushing is “equity.” Which means the victim class is promoted above their capabilities based on the number of victim points they can collect. Standards are lowered for them. The “under privileged” are promoted to uberprivildged solely to give the leftists a warm huggy feeling that they did something good.

  4. “But seeing Libs just tearing their clothes and throwing ashes on their heads has been enjoyable.”

    Indeed. But my days-long schadenfreude boner is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable after watching the Twatters hourly meltdowns for a week+ of telenovela drama. ROFL!

  5. I like how they assume just throwing cash at a problem fixes it. I thought we already established that 99% of famine today is caused by man. We here in just the USA can feed the world several times over (using the evil genetically modified food, of course). But starving people be starving? Of course, that’s how you control them and control population. But just throw more money at it, after all them govt appointed food administrators need cash flow.

  6. The are losing control of being able to control the narrative. That’s why they are hysterical, but they can’t admit that so instead they come up with every other excuse. If Musk was going to buy Twitter with the promise of eliminating all the accounts of white people who were not BLM allies, he would be celebrated.

  7. What about all the liberal billionaires? Do they complain about Zuckerborg throwing money at elections? Little Mikey Bloomberg? For example, I see these ads on TV about starving Holocaust survivors. If those 2 I mentioned each donated 2 or 3 hundred million, there wouldn’t be any need for those ads. All those starving people could live out the rest of their lives without ever having to worry about anything, ever.

  8. I hope the first thing he does is eliminate the ‘blue checkmark of truth’ and let all those high and mighty fuckers worry that nobody cares about them anymore. We don’t/

  9. That $44 Billion is not going to disappear when Elon Musk pays it to the Twitter Stockholders. Go shame them for accepting it and not passing it on to your pet cause.

  10. They’re forgetting a few key data points.

    For example, someone calculated that poverty and food insecurity in the U.S. could be fixed — entirely fixed — with about $60 billion. Elon Musk offered to write a check to cover it all … IF they could write up a workable plan for distributing the funds that could actually fix poverty and food insecurity — and not just create more dependence and administrative costs.

    They never got back to him.

    Musk could also pay off all student debt in the U.S. He has the funds. But that would only encourage more snowflakes to go all “Van Wilder” and spend 12 years partying in college to get Ph.Ds in Ethnic Alt-Sexual Basket-weaving, since they’d be off the hook for tuition.

    It’s the modern-day version of “give a man a fish”. It’s not that Musk can’t or won’t fund good causes; it’s that he won’t give endless money to organizations that generate massive administrative overhead and only provide small, temporary fixes.

    The Left is butt-hurt that Elon Musk is encouraging equality — REAL equality — and demanding accountability instead of giving away free, no-questions-asked monies to everyone with their hand out.

    That they’re screeching so loudly about it says more about them than it does about Elon Musk.

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