Last week a teenage Israeli girl was killed by a terrorist bomb.  Rina Shnerb was hiking with her father, a Rabbi, and her brother when the bomb exploded.  She was killed and her father and brother were wounded.

This was a bomb placed on a popular recreation hiking path.    Rina was not in the IDF.  This was an attack targeting Jewish civilians.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib decided to Tweet about this attack.

Her heart doesn’t go out to Rina’s family.  You can tell by how she pivots her statement to “the occupation.”

For these kinds of Jew-haters, it’s always Israel’s fault when something happens.

As though “the occupation” is what causes some Palestinian to target a civilian family and kill their teenage daughter while they are out for a family hike.

Over the weekend Palestinians in Gaza targeted a music festival in Israel with rockets.  Two of them were destroyed by the Iron Dome.

Going through the media, we see “the occupation” being used to excuse an attack targeting civilians.

By the way, Iron Dome is the most advanced ballistic missile interception weapon in the world.  The support of the United States for Iron Dome is part of a program to bring Iron Dome to the US to protect our troops on the battlefield from incoming short-range ballistic missiles.

When Congresswoman Omar and Tlaib want to end support for Israel, the also want to end the reciprocal weapons and battlefield medicine technology development that Israel provides to us.  So much of the bleeding control and medivac procedures that have saved so many American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan came out of Israel.

As long as the Democrats stay silent on this “blame Israel first” these Jew-haters will be emboldened.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The Silence of the Democrats is making Tlaib even louder”
    1. If they weren’t Jews, the world would have no problem with Israel carpet bombing the lot of them.

      Since they are Jews, they can’t even shoot the people who try to stab them without someone bitching about it.

      1. Effin’ hell J.kb. i’m just sick of this anti Israel bullshit.Nothing will be resolved until the lefty freaks in Gaza and the West Bank are ejected. which is most of them.this current situation must come to an end.

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