I spent six years if my life in beautiful South Dakota.  I still have friends there.

Going onto a man’s property without permission, especially into his home or shop, while armed, is a good way to get shot.

Farmers and ranchers protect their land fiercely, since it is the basis of their livelihood.

Anyone who attempts to seize their land by eminent domain is their enemy.  To do it so some company can get subsidies for carbon capture is even worse.  That not even a public good, that a grift.

I can guarantee that in a trial by his peers, any farmer that shoots an eminent domain surveyor won’t get convicted.

This situation has all the ingredients for an actual violent conflict.

Politicians fund carbon capture subsidies.  Carbon capture company funds politicians. Politicians allow carbon capture company to seize land from farmers to build carbon capture facility that gets more in subsidy money.  Carbon capture company donates more to politicians.  Farmers get kicked off their own land.

There have been rebellions in this country for less.

Ideologically, most people will come down on the side of the farmers.

South Dakotans might just prove how important the Second Amendment is as a bulwark against tyranny.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The South Dakota farm wars are coming”
  1. One other thing to consider on farms and farmers, communist china buying farm land in this country. What the F’n hell is carbon capture?? Oh and according to a congressman the earths carbon dioxide amount is .04%, and if it falls to .03% plant life starts to DIE. Don’t get me started…. I need coffee…

  2. Look at what is happening to Dutch farmers, all over “green” initiatives.

    This also smacks of the fallout from the Supreme Court’s horrendous Kelo decision.

  3. You have a bit of a typo there.
    “Ideologically, most people will come down on the side of the farmers.”
    I think you meant to say:
    Ideologically, most gun owning/freedom loving people will come down on the side of the farmers.


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