When you have all the comorbidites so you make your toddler wear a mask around the house and post it on TikTok for likes instead of losing weight and getting in shape.

When this poor child grows up with a speech impediment and a reading deficiency, it will be blamed on systemic racism, I guarantee it.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The state of modern parenting”
  1. Our grandson will be one year old this month. We babysit him on days his parents work shifts overlap. Imagine if all he had ever seen at their home and ours were masks and eyes. If anyone ever tries to enforce something like that here, they will have to climb over two piles–first, a pile of bodies. Second, a pile of spent brass.

  2. Its getting really bad in some places. These good little commies are so F’in DUMB! Ive seen them in stores with little ones masked up and staggering around with bewildered eyes. I just want to smak the crap outta them. You cant fix stupid.

  3. Some people missed being serfs.
    Some people missed being slaves.

    You don’t have to believe me. Just open your eyes and look around.

  4. This is a panicdemic of social media, nothing more.

    I have a friend that cannot wait to get their three year old vaccinated. They will not go out to anywhere that does not have strict controls on spacing, masking, etc… (in other words they do not go anywhere) because their child is not vaccinated and they could infect him. (Remember, he is 3.) They are smart enough to know the chances of their child testing positive for the virus is near zero, and the odds of him getting sick is statistically zero, but still… self imposed exile for the family.

    You cannot reason with panic.

    1. They should probably have their child taken from them for child abuse. Serious question: is the child capable of any facial expression?

  5. Not even going to watch because I’m pissed off already. These evil fucking cunts, what on earth made them breed and what in the hell slept with them in the first place?

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