People are tired of seeing shoplifters rob stores to the point where the store shuts down, depriving the neighborhood of a retailer.

We’ve seen that with Walgreens and CVS.

The Left has broken the civil contract that the government has monopoly to enforce the law so the people will remain peaceful.

When the government stops enforcing the law, the people will begin to defend themselves and their property.  And they will do it with much more force than the police will use.

I believe that the tide is turning.

Employees will kick the shit out of shoplifters before they let the shoplifters rob their employer until they shut down and lay off the employees.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “The tide is turning”
  1. Sadly, Best Buy will probably fire them all for that. I, however, will applaud them.

  2. I work at one of the highest shrink Home Depot stores in the entire chain. We’re forced to do all the typical corporate bullshit – “provide excellent customer service!” observe, report, don’t pursue, et cetera. I don’t get paid nearly enough to let some meth-head shank me over a Milwaukee impact driver, so I don’t really have any interest in trying to actively prevent theft. But I do spend the last hour of every business day, when the thieves descend en masse, walking around with a long steel-shafted “reach tool” in my hands. It’s meant to help me reach heavy boxes on deep shelves, but it’s also a 36” steel pipe with a rubberized grip… We’ve had thieves pull knives, throw hammers, and hit cashiers with bear spray. If I can’t carry a handgun to defend myself, I’m going to at least carry a club.

    Anyhow, the thieves have begun to branch out from just stealing from the store. They’ve begun ripping catalytic converters off of parked cars, smashing and grabbing from parked trucks, and more than a few dozen outright cars thefts in the past couple months.

    More than one customer has told me about their daydreaming about loading a pick-up bed with power tools and other bait, then hiding out in a box truck nearby with some of their veteran buddies… I won’t say that I condone such an action. But, well, I hope they get some good video footage for the Christmas party.

    1. I don’t think I would engage in any kind of defense unless hired specifically for that. I’m not risking life and limb for minimum wage while selling cheap appliances and cell phone chargers. Corporate entities have the $$ to hire security to deal with these people (especially at problem locations). But they don’t because: woke stuff.

      Now if it was MY business? Different story.

      1. Sure, they could hire security — who their insurer will require to do nothing except maybe be a witness if anything ever comes to trial. But that “security” will drive up costs at the problem stores, leaving less reason to keep the store open.

        The only real solution is the courts and lawmakers stop treating retail theft as something minor. Get back to a “broken window” level of policing, punish the thugs and roll up their networks.

        1. The other part that is needed is to fix the state laws so deadly force to protect property is authorized.

    2. Ish,

      They will need someone to turn off the parking lot video cameras from inside the store. Make sure that person wears gloves.

  3. Robbers are idiots.
    Seriously. Stealing the display merchandise from the cellphone counter clearly demonstrates how stupid they are. Can’t speak nationwide, but the electronics shops in my area, the display merchandise is just that. Strictly manufactured for display. Minimal capability, and in the case of a cell phone, cannot be made to work with a network. Smart watches are the same thing. They exist to show size/shape, and if you want to see one in action, you need to get a sales person to show it to you. So, they went through the effort for nothing.

      1. No … It’s just that the smart thieves don’t get caught nearly as often as the dumb ones.

    1. And even if they were an actual working model, password protected and find my phone feature likely. Not sure how easy those are to defeat. Better off robbing a MetroPCS store like every other homeboy.

      1. They’re likely fully-functional — dumbed-down phones would be a different model and complicate manufacture and delivery — but they’ve certainly been registered as display models and locked out of networks.

        But the thieves don’t intend to use the phones; they intend to sell them on to some sucker.

  4. Most criminals do not have the intelligence or the self control to not go for immediate gratification.
    They will takes stupid risks for very little because they do not understand delayed gratification or even “Cause and Effect.”
    Add anger issues on top of low intelligence and you can have a very dangerous mixture.

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