Twitter has an official policy that states “You may not use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information about COVID-19 which may lead to harm.”

Fine.  They opened that can of worms, they can eat it.

Look at this:

This is factually wrong on several fronts.  The truck that hit the gay pride parade was an accident.  It was not an attack.  She provides a false interpretation of the law that protects drivers from violent attacks when protesters block a street and that law does not allow drivers to run over peaceful protesters or anyone engaged in a legitimate, preplanned march.  DeSantis did not say this was an acceptable form of counter protest.

All of this is false.  This falseness causes harm.

As of the time writing this post, this tweet by a crazy rando has 2.6k likes and 933 retweets.

Then there are these Tweets from actual reporters clarifying what happened:

585 like and 737 retweets.

925 likes and 407 retweets.

The false and harmful information has not been curtailed and that user who is spreading misinformation has not been punished.

The absolutely false and malicious statements made against Ron Desantis, going as far as to getting #DeathSantis trending again, should constitute actual libel.

Twitter should be held legally liable for every erroneous Tweet about this incident and should pay damages for them, as well as should be forced to promote factually accurate information about the event.

Conservatives need to shotgun the courts with lawsuits against Twitter for this and when we regain power, make this law as well.

Twitter opened the can of worms where they can censor false and harmful Tweets and promote accurate ones.  They should be forced to eat those worms when it comes to misinformation about conservatives.


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By J. Kb

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