As anyone with an accurate knowledge of American history knows that the Democrat Party was the party of slavery, segregation, and the Ku Klux Klan.

After the Civil War, a theme used by Democrats in several elections was The Two Platforms. The Democrat platform for the white man and the Republican platform for the negro.


The Democrats ran on over racism to win elections.

Now, let’s jump to today.

From Fox News:

White House indicates people making ‘violent antisemitic threats’ not classified as ‘domestic terrorists’

The White House indicated Tuesday that people in the U.S. making “violent antisemitic threats” were not going to be classified as “domestic terrorists.”

The comments, made by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby during the White House press briefing, ran in stark contrast to parents concerned about their children’s education previously being described as “domestic terrorists” in a letter that prompted a directive from the Biden administration for the FBI to investigate.

“The people in this country making violent antisemitic threats. Are they domestic terrorists?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Kirby.

Both the Biden Press Secretary and Vice President Harris deflected from questions about the rise of antisemitism after 10/7 to Islamophobia.



Here is a critical fact that makes this clear.

Biden’s support among Arab American voters plunges since Israel-Hamas war

President Biden’s support among Arab American voters has sharply decreased since the Israel-Hamas war, plummeting to dismal and unprecedented numbers.

Support for his upcoming reelection bid from Arab Americans dropped by 42 percentage points, from 59 percent in 2020 to 17 percent, according to a new poll conducted by the Arab American Institute.

Arabs/Muslims are one of the fastest growing demographics in America.

Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, and that is unlikely to change severely any time soon.  Too many Jewish Democrats are Democrats first and Jews a distant second.

The Democrats’ political calculus makes it clear that the gain in Muslim voters by embracing antisemitism outweighs the loss in votes by Jews driven away by the Antisemitism.

We’re reaching a point where antisemitism is going to be as much of a Democrat platform as anti-black racism was in the 1860s.

I suspect we will see posters like this in the near future:



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Two Platforms of 2024”
  1. After the Civil War, many freedmen were elected to the US Congress — all Republicans. President Grant sent the Secret Service and Army to take down the Klan, created by Democrats to terrorize people out of voting Republican. Then Reconstruction ended, and the Democrats set about creating Jim Crow. They stuffed ballot boxes, they filed phony criminal charges against Republican officeholders — especially blacks, they rewrote laws and even state constitutions.
    They’re doing the same today, but against anyone who doubts their program for impoverishing, humiliating, and castrating the US.

  2. The White House indicated Tuesday that people in the U.S. making “violent antisemitic threats” were not going to be classified as “domestic terrorists.”
    No, that label is reserved for Jews who arm themselves against violent anti-Semitic threats, and suburban parents who publicly question CRT and DEI policies at local open-to-the-public school board meetings.
    Y’know, “dangerous people” who make up “the greatest threat” to “our Democracy”, according to that very same White House.

    1. “Our Democracy” is who is behind this mindset. The “Our” defined; is people who reject ‘The Constitutional Republic’ and are committed to subverting it and are paid well to subvert it.
      Therefore, the reality is that global leftist are reversing what our founding constitutional purpose used to achieve, which was to confine and control national mob-rule, by a 50-state autonomous representative government which processed the will of The People through a process of a bottom-up restraint, namely the Electoral College.
      Instead of embracing a national popular vote system of government, the framers constructed a system which placed a stranglehold on democracy. The Electoral College system acts as ‘restraint’ on democracy. It reverses the natural disorder of mob-rule and imposes a strict bottom-up system, which begins at each American’s front door instead of the federal government’s front door. It prohibits totalitarian tyranny. It provides a 50-state restraint, vetted at three levels within each state thus securing the ‘one person one vote’ system from corruption.
      Democracy is a political element which must be controlled by The People’s Local Political Coalitions instead of what we have today which is a national political governmental unaccountable coalition. A top-down political system is the true definition of a Democracy and thrives via the power of the irrational mob.
      “Our Democracy” when voiced by the federal government, is in fact Unamerican and is the exact opposite of what the Framers had in mind. So of course, today’s federal government perspective is, all who oppose, (True Constitutional Americans) are “Dangerous People” just as the Framers intended them to be.

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