Hannah Jones was given tenure by UNC because her friends in the media accused UNC of being racist after not renewing her contract after historians of all political affiliations said her 1619 Project was wrong.

This woman is the living embodiment of narrative over facts and now she has tenure.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The university system is dead”
  1. “Ignore your lying eyes! I, Hannah Jones, purveyor of All! The! Truth, will correct you!”

  2. Oh, the comments… the comments. Crime really isn’t going up, that’s a myth perpetrated by the media to scare racist white people into putting more BIPOC’s in jail.

    Two years of cities burning and reports of double digit increases in murders and violence are all a myth.

  3. This woman has a University position? Worse, she has tenure?

    Her reading comprehensions skills are dismal.

    Here is what was written, emphasis is mine:
    The number of Americans seeing crime as an extremely serious problem in the United States is at a more than 20-year high

    Where does it say crime is at a 20 year high? I did not click through to read the article, but the headline/teaser is pretty clear. People are seeing crime as a problem is what hit a 20 year high, not crime.

    And, yes. With intellectual giants like this in our universities, they are putting nail after nail into their coffins.

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