Megyn Kelly got fired from NBC.

Every headline was screaming “Megyn Kelly Defended Blackface.”

Really?  Call me skeptical but did she really?  I find that to be odd.

Christopher Cuomo did a segment on this which he Tweeted.

I watched the video.  Not being a hysterical Leftist, I don’t think she was exactly defending blackface.

Blackface to me has a specific meaning.  It is stage makeup that portrays a very negative stereotype caricature of a black person used in minstrel shows.

I’m pretty sure Megyn Kelly agrees that donning that kind of makeup to portray a black people in a negative way is pretty awful and racist.

It seems as though she was asking if it is racist to dress up as a specific person if the intention is not to be mocking or bigoted.  Hence mentioning this person who dressed up as Diana Ross, presumably because she was a Diana Ross fan.

There is a world of difference between “it’s OK to put on a minstrel show” and “it’s not racist to dress up like [famous black celebrity you admire] for Halloween.”

To the irrational those points are equivalent.

Chris Cuomo points out that white people doing blackface and black people doing whiteface is very different.  Is it really?

Hollywood did make this movie only 14 years ago.

That’s two Wayans brothers doing a really terrible stereotype of rich white people.

If we go further back in time, to when Megyn Kelly was 14 years old, here is an SNL skit of Eddie Murphy playing a white man.

I’m pretty sure that is nothing but a color reversed minstrel show.

But to suggest that it was never approporate to do blackface, here we can go back to when Kelly was six to show Hollywood didn’t believe that.  Here is a scene from the great movie Silver Streak where Gene Wilder did a blackface skit with the fantastic Richard Pryor.

But we don’t need to go that far back to see that Hollywood believed that it was fine for a white man to play a black character for laughs.  Here is our moral superior and arbiter of social justice, Jimmy Kimmel in The Man Show from the early 2000’s.

Kimmel had a whole series of these where he payed NBA player Karl Malone.

I’m pretty sure Don Lemon’s statement “Megyn is 47 years old, she’s our age, there has never been a time in her 47 years that blackface has been acceptable” is a tad off.  It was by Hollywood standards until very recently.

As recently as Fred Armisen playing President Obama on SNL.

That may not be full on blackface, but Armisen is playing a black man, and he’s not that tan in Portlandia.

All of this takes us back to Kelly’s point.  Is it racist?

Well, in terms of Halloween, is it racist for a white kid who is a huge fan of Black Panther to dress up as Black Panther?  No makeup, just the full costume like they sell at Target for $20.

This is not a rhetorical question.  Woe be to the mom of a white kid who loves Black Panther and lets her child be a superhero who is black under the mask and gets called out on social media.

Clearly the point of this wasn’t to have rational people decide what is and what isn’t racist.  It was to exert power.  All of this media pontificating, about how Megyn Kelly’s ‘blackface’ comments show her true face is little more than this.

Li Fanwu, the governor of China’s Heilongjiang province, being denounced and tortured at a rally in Red Guard Square, Harbin, August 1966. One of his alleged crimes was political ambition, evidence for which was found—according to the photographer Li Zhensheng’s book Red-Color News Soldier (2003)—‘in his hairstyle, which gave him an ill-fated resemblance to Mao and so was said to symbolize his lust for power.’ Two Red Guards chopped and tore out his hair, after which he was made to bow for hours. The banner behind him reads, ‘Bombard the Headquarters! Expose and denounce the provincial Party committee.’

Megyn Kelly was unpersoned for being Megny Kelly, and this was their excuse.

Never forget the way these people operate.

I’m going to leave the last word of this post to Reason.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The unpersoning of Megyn Kelly”
  1. Like Colin Kaepernick, she had one job to do, and she sucked at it. Then she gave them a reasonable excuse to clear the deck.

    Kathy Griffin should take notice.

  2. I’m not even defending her but like anything in the media the clip is cut too short and edited too much to know the exact context. The clip here is the only clip I’ve seen and frankly I don’t care enough to go looking for the whole thing because they outcome would be the same regardless of what she was actually saying.

    PS, I’m still waiting for when “his side” turns against Jimmy Kimmel; I wonder if he has given any thought to that outcome?

  3. NBC has a great excuse to get rid of an underperforming non-Star they purchased for way too much money. Fire her for cause and they may get back $40-50 Million of their $69 Million, 3 year contract.

    Megyn’s lawyer is fighting back by saying Megyn wants Rowan “Me-Too” Farrow at her severance package negotiations. She has previously hinted she has an NBC Me-Too story she can drop. Who knows? Megyn may end up with more than $69 Million in her severance package?

    I wonder how the executives and the rest of the Today Show staff will thank the producer that convinced Megyn to have a segment about Halloween Costumes and Blackface? He or she has gotten rid of the awful Megyn Kelly boogeyman.

    Ding! Dong! —- Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead! The Wicked Old Witch is Dead!

  4. 2008, Robert Downey Jr in “Tropic Thunder”. They didn’t even try to hide it, there’s a scene where the “news” talks about his “controversial” operation to go from a white Australian to a black American.

    I’ve got no opinions one way or the other regarding Megyn Kelly. But when stupid allegations are thrown around based on 5 seconds’ worth of out-of-context soundbyte….basically the Left is saying “we have nothing solid so we’ll make up BS out of thin air and hang her with it”.

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