Keep in mind that 40% of the city’s budget goes to police.

Forty per-fucking-cent of the city’s budget goes to a highly equipped police department that stands in a hallway with their every expense equipment for over an hour while a madman murders children then lies to the public about what happened.

No wonder the city government wants to avoid angry parents and citizens.

The city of 16,000 people has two police departments, one explicitly for schools, and that one did nothing.

The chief of the school police ditched his radio and went off the grid when trouble arose.

Everything about this is absolutely fucked and stinks of the worst sort of small town corruption.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Uvalde City Council is in on the CYA”
  1. Remember what I originally posted here on this blog when this first happened. Only one ‘thing’ causes this type of ‘thing’ to occur, and that thing is….”Power from on High”. I refuse to believe it was cowardliness, and or incompetency. Not a chance. This entire event was, managed from a position of great power, the kind of power that causes people to do totally unnatural things that do not make sense.

  2. Or…. It was orchestrated by “ higher” power ( read payoff$$$$$) to further an agenda.. and who ultimately pays the price? Those they “swore” to protect….

  3. The Uvalde ISD PD ought to have their uniforms changed to have a bright yellow streak running up/down their backs. Very public shaming and ridicule of the Uvalde’s government and PD whenever possible.
    Yellow streamers everywhere in Uvalde.

  4. I don’t really get the concept of separate police forces, school police, transit police, etc. I get that sometimes specialized training and expertise is need but that should be handled by special task forces rather than a whole different administrative organization. All I can figure is they are trying to conceal something.

    1. If you are in a huge metropolis like NYC that has 1850 schools, 75,000 teachers, and over one million students, that’s is a city unto itself.

      Now it makes sense for the schools to have a separate police department just for them.

      In a city of 16,000 with two schools, it’s just a source of corruption.

  5. The citizens of that town have limited recourse. They should vote to replace every single local official, and demand of those who replace them that every single law enforcement officer be replaced. If the locals don’t do that, then I cannot feel sorry for them. They would have EXACTLY what they have asked for, dead kids and all.

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