The Vagina Monologues is now an insensitive show.

Yup, kid you not.

YPSILANTI, MI – Eastern Michigan University’s Women’s Resource Center will no longer host productions of “The Vagina Monologues,” noting that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women.
The WRC announced its decision in an email, which came after the center evaluated responses from a survey. Survey respondents opposing the production consistently indicated they were concerned that the play centers on cisgender women, that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women, including trans women, and that overall, “The Vagina Monologue” lacks diversity and inclusion.

The survey was launched as a result of conversations with current students, as well as feedback from a WRC workshop titled “Not all women have vaginas,” during the 2017-18 academic year.

EMU group ends ‘The Vagina Monologues,’ citing exclusion of some women

This is a great example why Liberal and Left Wing governments become immediate dictatorships and start looping the heads of both enemies and allies: If you give them half a chance, they will eventually declare you Enemy of the Revolution and pack your ass in a dungeon or make you stand in front of a  pockmarked wall while telling you that smoking is not really bad for you after all.

As for me?

Hat Tip Sheldon F.

10 Replies to “The Vagina Monologues is now an insensitive show.”

  1. I don’t know the first thing about the play, but the statement “Not all women have vaginas,” is absolutely true.

    It’s called a hysterectomy. Rather common surgery. Aside from that, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of birth defect that could do that.

    But I’m sure that’s not what they meant. They meant men who dream they’re women.

    1. NO NO NO NO.A hysterectomy is when you leave the play pen and take the crib…
      Heh heh. Too funny, the leftist man hating play is not leftist enough …

  2. Sooner or later, they always eat their own. (Pun not intended here…) (Still, kind of funny… sorry.)

    I just saw that the stick insect with the brain removed that was elected to Congress from the NY Metro area is gunning for establishment Democrats. She is calling for some long time Dems in Congress to get primaried by “the right kind of candidates.”

    Yep, when you practice identity politics, and you pit people against each other based on ideologies, skin color, or religion, sooner or later, those divisions start getting more and more discriminating. (Some women do not have vaginas??? Seriously, is that a reason to stop producing a play?)

  3. Now, I am NOT a doctor (although I AM a Physician Assistant, and have been an RN for mumble-mumble years…), BUT having a vagina, or having had a vagina (see SIGraybeard’s comment, above) is pretty much the textbook definition of being a woman. Well, THAT, along with two X chromosomes.

    So, unless “inclusiveness” of “women” includes folks who are NOT women, well, I call bullshit.

  4. I wonder what the really radical feminist will say in response. There’s a plenty who think that the vajayjay is some sort of sacred something, and trans women don’t count because they don’t have one.

    1. The radical feminists will say you must have a vagina and two x chromosomes to be a woman. They will be branded T.E.R.F.’s i.e. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists and be attacked by the Intersectional Feminists.

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