Fuck me…

This guy got fired unanimously from Miami after only six months.

He went to Miami because his political ambitions in Houston went to shit.

Now he has a six-figure job at CNN, joining the exalted ranks of a Zoom masturbater, child rapist, and fraternal sexual abuser.

My only hope is that he too turns out to be a pervert and gets axed.

What a shit show.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The very definition of failing upwards”
  1. Then again, finding people with the proper Woke views who aren’t open sex perverts is getting harder these days.
    Kind of like finding a CRT BIPOC mouthpeice who isn’t really a white person with a fake tan and just so hairdo.

  2. He was the chief of police in Austin for a while. Apparently long enough to get them started downhill. He is Not a Patriot. He is a power hungry creep. Having him Out of law enforcement is good.

  3. Chris Wallace was very smart to go to the obscure non-entity CNN+ rather than the obscure, unwatched, low rating, full of Management Level Perverts CNN.

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