To post publicly is dangerous. Every time we write a blog posting it remains as a stepping stone into our past. The terms we use will be judged in the future. The images we choose to post will be considered, weighed, and likely found wanting.

The internet is forever. J.Kb. has written about the evil that is things like OnlyFans. Places where young girls go and become hollow husks of people, losing an intimate sharing that the could have kept for their partner in the future.

There is a story that a young lady was picked to be the model for Ivory Snow soap. “99 44/100% pure” was the tagline. You can’t have your public face be anything but pure. This young lady decided it would be a good idea to perform in an X rated film. She lost the Ivory Snow gig and never had another non-porn gig there after. The story of Marilyn Chambers is out there if you want to read about her.

She made money but didn’t have a great life. Multiple divorces and a drug habit were some of the issues she faced.

One recent blogger that had an unfiltered style of writing had to stop posting when he was doxed and harrassed. In a society where the government lies to tell the truth is dangerous.

Miguel is the public face of this blog. The other authors have setup a small amount of separation between our public persona and our private lives as our postings could have professional ramifications.

Yet still we post.

This post isn’t about this little blogger or the better blogs out there, this is about how history is rewritten by the victors.

The latest authority figure that is rewriting history is Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. She is out there telling the country that the teachers union wanted the kids in school. It was the politicians that closed the schools, her people are dedicated to the children and wanted to teach.

But the internet remembers. It remembers when it was revealed that teachers unions pushed the CDC to recommend that the schools be closed. Even today schools are full of “must mask” rules. In this part of the country about the only place you are required to wear a mask are the schools and doctors offices.

There are a few at risk people that have businesses open to the public that require masks to enter, but they are very few and there is always an option to go elsewhere.

The teachers unions seem to be one of the most self serving entities in the country. Their hypocrisy knows no real bounds.

Back when Chris Christie was the Governor of NJ he went to battle with the teachers union of NJ. One of the counter attacks was how much Christie was paid. He pointed out that the head of the teachers union in NJ was paid almost three times as much as he was and had significantly less responsibilities.

The country is going through a vast gas lighting. They tell us that a grand mother walking through the capitol taking pictures is a fundamental threat to our country but a mob burning a city is peaceful. They tell us that acting in self defense is murder but that violent criminals should be set free.

We are told that it is a “Gun Safety Bill” when infringements on a fundamental right proposed.

We need to remain vigilant to the rewriting of history as we watch. Keep copies of articles and videos, you might only see them one time.

Back in 1991 during operation Desert Storm, the US military was firing Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into Baghdad. We were watching some of the footage on CNN. The new crew was on the roof of the hotel in Baghdad when they heard something. The cameraman pointed the camera down the street and filmed a Tomahawk missile flying down the center of the street. It got to the end of the street and turned at the intersection and continued onward.

We saw it. We saw it exactly once. I’ve never seen that video again. 30 years later I aks “Did I really see that, or am I misremembering.”

Document it. Remember it. Save copies.

Don’t let them gaslight you.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “The Victors Write History v. The Internet Is Forever”
  1. Way back at the beginning of the Covidiocy, IL Gov Pritzger had his ‘expert’ on and she flat out said that anyone that died w/ wuhan was being classified as having died of wuhan. Never saw her on TV again nor could ever find that news report. Same thing w/ Chicago mayor Beetlejuice. Press conference and they were all masked up. As soon as they thought the cameras were off, they ALL took their masks off. Can’t find that one either.

  2. We can, as you say, document, copy, and preserve all published internet information, however when the governments of the world want the internet’s freedom shutdown or heavily edited, there is nothing which will stop it. Imagine a world where discs of all kinds are illegal. Where copies of any internet information are illegal and carry a very heavy penalty. I believe that our current internet experience will be reduced to the most severe state of tyranny that any of us can imagine–and the people of this blog have very realistic imaginations so I’m very sure you could expand on what I have imagined. And remember, if the powers to be, say you’re cancelled-out then you are no longer credible and what you’ve preserved won’t matter…..will it. The Governments’ Youngsters will never believe what they have been taught to reject…no matter how much credible factual proofs you present them. Democracy on steroids plus.

  3. First of all, when it happens, you will not be prepared.
    If the forces that be decide that internet communication should be stopped, you will not have your backups in place. No one will. Sure…you might have some things, but we as a people have become too reliant on searching on line for documents/information. How many times a day do you say “I remember an article…. let me search for it.” Me, dozens. I do not have it saved or cataloged.
    There are places out there where the stuff will continue to reside. Nothing short of destroying the entire ‘net would remove it. Finding it is the problem.

  4. When Reagan got shot my Dad was recording the news. A newsy guy showed film of the pistol the guy used, said it was a high quality “target revolver”, and stated the brand which I cant remember. Later that got changed to a cheap “Saturday night special”. In 1982 when the first school shooting happened, dan rather was at a gun range with atf. Every other word was “semi automatic “ while atf was in the background shooting MACHINE GUNS.. some where we have the tapes.. some where..

  5. An excellent example that comes to mind for me is the drug dealer who stopped a multi person swat forced ntrt into his home with one burst of automatic fire from an illegally converted ar15. I’ve used that clip many times to show the precisely the effectiveness automatic fire can have. I thought it’d be on YouTube forever but I couldn’t find it recently.

    Its not just .gov either. As these services mature and become the mainstream they once usurped they change their terms and break all the edges they used to have to make things more friendly to advertising, lots of things get lost because of that.

    I can see a resurgence of privaty hosting your site on a pc in your basement and private DNS services making a resurgence to something akin to web1.0ish days. Tor could be very big too, but ultimately there is an intermediary service that can be shutdown.

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