Caught on camera: Car with anti-Trump bumper sticker crashes into Trump store

The Easton Police Department posted a video on social media, which shows the car smashing through the front window and into the store at about 5:10 p.m. EDT Thursday.

The crash sent racks of clothing flying.

A photographer from Enterprise News, which is a Massachusetts-based publication, tweeted photos of the car, which had an anti-Trump bumper sticker on it.

The video:


The photograph of the vehicle:


The more unpopular Biden becomes the more unhinged they become.

A new “summer of love” is approaching.

Be warned.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The violence dimmer just clicked up another notch”
  1. Massachusetts. Pretty ballsy to have a pro Trump store there. Even in Massholistan, i think you’re allowed to keep a weapon of some sort in your place of business. The driver should have been perforated before he or whatever it thinks it is ever exited the vehicle. MAG dump, just like the Metro PCS dude in Philly a while back. BFYTW.

    1. @snuffy:

      There are some conservative areas of MA, but more people live and vote in the Leftist areas. 8~(

      You can keep a firearm if you have a permit.

      Interesting that this Trump hater didn’t seem to care if people were in his path.

      I wonder why he was reported as “unidentified”? He was taken to the hospital. Someone must have gotten his name.

      I’m sure that his motive is a complete mystery.

  2. Interesting that Twitter flagged the photos of the smashed store and car as “Sensitive Content”, requiring an extra click to view.

    Which part is “sensitive”? The American flag being treated with respect? The “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts? Or is it the undeniably anti-Trump stickers on the car, indicating that Leftists are every bit (and more) the unhinged and violent haters they accuse the Right of being?

    Elon Musk cannot take over Twitter soon enough.

  3. Dearest Wifey got me a MAGA hat, as a gag gift for Father’s Day. Do I dare wear it (who can I trigger)?

    1. In 2008 I wanted to put up a Gadsden flag. I didn’t because I didn’t want to become a target. I did put up an American flag and had it up until it was to damaged by the wind. I won’t put up another until I have a better place for it.

      In 2020 the town north of us started screaming about how some BLM signs were being kicked over or removed. The police mobilized and the media told us all that this was a horrible nasty crime and that they would find and stop the destruction of lawn signs because first amendment.

      The same town had a horrible problem with people destroying and stealing Trump signs. The police couldn’t be bothered and the media didn’t want to report.

      Today I try and take a more gray man approach. Not that I’m good at it, but I’m better.

  4. I can’t upload the image, so…

    It is indicative of our times that this was the last sentence of the news piece:

    Donald J. Trump served as the 45th President of the United States. Sigh.

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