I will bet you that the Venn diagram of people who carry these cards and believe that people who don’t wear masks and/or get vaxxed should be denied health care is a perfect circle.

You know what, I’m fine with turnabout as fair play.

Them: “If you don’t get vaxxed you deserve to die of COVID.  No COVID treatments or hospital bed for you.”

Me: “Fine, if you’re ‘Healthy at Every Size’ and refuse to put your fat ass on a scale you can go ahead and die of a heart attack or diabetes.  No insulin or cardiac care for you.  You show up at a hospital with chest pain, you can walk that shit off.”

If we’re going to deny people health care because they refuse preventative measures, which I’d rather not, at least be consistent.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The war on medicine continues”
  1. Surprisingly, in my clinic it seems that the only folks who get spun up about being weighed, resemble maritime mammals.

    Wonder why? It’s not as if nobody knows.

    1. It is the delusion that they are not “that” big, or their diet is not “that” bad. Actually putting a number against their false mental image of themselves would ruin them.

      Ask an anorexic how much they weigh, and they will swear it is 50 pounds heavier than the scale will say. And, they will reject what the scale says, just as the fatty will.

    1. Rule No. 1 about human beings: EVERYBODY lies. No exceptions. About one thing or another.

      And the person we lie most to is ourselves.

  2. There’s also the fact that sudden and unexplained weight loss can be indicative of an undiscovered medical problem.

  3. The only ones we weigh are stroke victims, who pretty much can’t stop us, and infants, because medication for children is strictly based on their actual weight.

    Adults lie to us, we nod and smile, and then we put in their actual weight, based on eyeball estimates that would be the envy of sideshow weight-guessers.

    Paramedic and I compared notes once during a full arrest, and family later confirmed we had guesstimated within half an inch of true height, and 5 pounds of actual weight.

    Being the fat-ass is the shame. Telling the truth about it on medical records is mandatory. Don’t like it? Try table push-ups: push away from the food.

    Anyone who whipped out such a card at a doctor’s office should be fired as a patient on the spot, and invited to seek care elsewhere, for refusal of standard of care treatment.

    You get a free choice. Then you get to find another doc.

    Easy peasey.

    You can have your delusions. But it’s not the job of medical staff to enable them nor parrot them.

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