Here are some more pictures from this article:

Brittney Saunders, 28
“Why can other races have assault rifles and machine guns, but if Black people have a handgun we are considered a threat?” asks Saunders, of Killeen.

Ron Harris, 32
“I own it to protect my family because I can’t afford a loss,” says Harris, who lives in Killeen.

Lindberg Wilborn, 32
Wilborn, shown here in Killeen holding the target he used to qualify for his license, has owned a gun for about three months.

I am absolutely, 100%, behind the right of each and every one of these people to own a gun, or guns, and whatever types of guns they want as law-abiding citizens.

I agree with their sentiments.

I’m just noting that if the Washington Post ever did a spread of white people posing with handguns and assault rifles talking about self-defense, it would be framed as “look at these paranoid, racist, terrified, white ammo-sexuals, who own these guns because of feelings of inadequacy.”

The Washington Post is consistently against assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, except, apparently, when coupled with a Black Lives Matter shirt.

This article really is a perfect example of exactly what the Left believes, your access to civil rights is entirely dependent on your identity.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The Washington Post has no problem with gun rights when they can make it about identity politics”
  1. Or, perhaps this was a stealth effort by the post to stir up opposition to gun rights by showcasing blacks with guns?

    Leftist are racists and assume that their feelings are normal, so they project those feelings onto the right. That’s the way it works. So, since they assume that we’re racists just like they are, they assume that we are opposed to “allowing” black people to own guns.

    So, they run a story like this assuming that we’ll all gasp in shock and immediately begin agitating for more gun control.

    If that was actually the plan, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. I think the story is great. I hope it leads to more law abiding blacks (and anyone else) to take responsibility for their safety and avail themselves of the best tools available to protect themselves and their families.

    Based on my experience, that is the common response of white gun owners to the idea of blacks arming themselves…hence the disappointment of the virulently anti-gun Washington Post to the failure of their gambit.

    1. We’ve seen this before. Pictures of non-whites bearing arms show up, and the left posts these with captions along the lines of “this will convince Republicans to support gun control”.
      All it does is prove their own racist policies, and showcase their own racist mindset. It is the left who doesn’t want anyone, least of all minorities, to be armed. It is the Democrat party that has been the party of victim disarmament since at least the 1850s. It is the Democrat party that brought us the major anti-2nd-Amendment laws of the 20th century, from Sullivan’s law to the NFA and the GCA. And it is the Democrat party that brought us the disarmed victim zones where lots of minorities get killed, unable to defend themselves or their families, every year.
      The Republican party brought us the 14th Amendment, which very explicitly aimed to protect the right to bear arms for all Americans, especially freedmen, over the deliberate oppression of Democrats.

  2. 1) At least the photos show good trigger finger discipline. (Well, the woman in the first photo looks like she’s muzzling her foot.)

    2) As noted, all honest citizens have the right to possess an effective tool for self-defense.

    3) An update on my situation with my synagogue: I have been forced to chose between attending disarmed or leaving. I have left. It is because of some congregants’ response to the WaPo article for which I was interviewed and Bill Donahue created a statement that I “pack every time I step into” my synagogue, along with the name and location of said house of worship.

    I will never agree to be interviewed again. F-ers.

    1. While I agree with you, Rick, my personal rule ref da Nooz (and fbi, etcetera) is Not to say word one. Other than (to leo), “Am I free to depart?”, or (to Nooz), “Get out of my way.”

      And, I anticipate *that* will be twisted and misquoted.

  3. I remember during one of the riots and some blacks were opting to protect their businesses — armed.

    And the funniest comment I heard was ‘I’m not sure I approve of this. This man is entrusting his life and livelihood to a Kriss Vector.’

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