This is a no-bullshit headline from The Washington Post:

Bernie Sanders may soon have to confront this anti-Semitic myth
A conspiracy theory dating to the Russian revolution says socialism is a Jewish plot. Expect it to surface in ugly ways.

This was written by a April Rosenblum, a self-described Jewish writer and researcher on “on race, class and Jewish identity.”

As Iowa’s Democratic caucuses approach, polls show that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is gaining traction. Sanders evokes strong reactions from all sides. Supporters see the Jewish democratic socialist as an unapologetic straight shooter who takes uncompromising stands against structural inequality. Detractors criticize his socialist ideology itself or paint Sanders as free-spending and fuzzy on details.

He’s a Socialist who has praised every Socialist dictator until that Dictator failed.  He supported the Soviet Union until its collapse, then supported Hugo Chavez until Venezuela turned to shit.  He’s more than fuzzy on details, taking advantage of the hurt and suffering of young people that have suffered at the corruption of the worst of Wall Street and selling these people an impossible utopia.

But Sanders could face another kind of attack in a general election — one based not on critiques of his policies or personality but on a much more old-fashioned suspicion. It’s a form of anti-Semitism that was born 100 years ago. If Sanders continues his political momentum, we all may soon confront it again.

Does she mean that he surrounds himself with anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and other Jew-hating Progressives?

Of course not.

The story begins in 1917, when governments around the world were shocked by the fall of the czar and the seizure of power by Russian revolutionaries. As a civil war raged, Russians opposed to the revolution found one of their most powerful rhetorical tools in the Russian Empire’s rich legacy of anti-Semitic teachings.

That’s how the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism was born, defined by historian Paul Hanebrink as the belief that communism was a Jewish plot. The idea rapidly crossed borders, as pro-monarchy Russian exiles settled in Berlin, Paris and other European cities. The emigres’ descriptions of a fearsome takeover by Jewish revolutionaries found an eager public reception.

This writer goes on to criticize Winston Churchill and the United States.  This is literally the only sentence she says about the Nazis.

It was largely by sounding alarms about the Judeo-Bolshevik threat that the Nazis rose to power and mobilized for genocide.

She does touch on Henry Ford, but doesn’t make the connection complete.

In the United States, where the first Red Scare was ramping up in the 1920s, respected leaders subscribed to the Judeo-Bolshevik myth, among them Henry Ford, who introduced it to the public in the anti-Semitic newspapers he gave out at every dealership, and State Department staffers and senior military officers.

Let me spell this out.  The idea that Communism was a Jewish plot is straight out of Adolf Hitler’s writings and speeches.

Socialism was all the rage in Europe.

Hitler led the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  Make no mistake about it, Nazism was Socialism.  So was Mussolini’s Fascism.  Fascism was Italian Socialism named for the Roman symbol of the Fasces, which is a bundle of sticks symbolizing strength through unity.

Soviet Socialism was Communism, there was some difference in how Lenin and Stalin carried it out, but those are very minor distinctions.

The argument between Nazism and Communism wasn’t far-Right vs. far-Left, it was which far-Left ideology would be the one to take over the world as a worker’s paradise.

There were pro-Communist forces in Germany at the time, and Hitler spread the idea that Communism was a Jewish plot to drive Germans towards Nazism and away from Soviet-style Communism.

Henry Ford, in his treatise, The International Jew, spread the lie of Jewish Communism because Ford was a supporter of Hitler and wanted the US to ally itself with Germany and against England.  Many American anti-Semites held this position, including the hero at the time, Charles Lindbergh.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why a Jewish researcher would ignore all of this.

She touches on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and then ignores the worst of that too.

By 1920, popular interest had ignited a publication boom for “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the Russian hoax that explained modern evils as the result of a vast conspiracy of Jews uniting to subjugate the globe.

I wonder why she left out that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is one of the most popular books sold in the Middle East?

For Jews, the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism was tinged with tragic irony. Thousands of Jews did initially find inspiration in the Soviet vision of a fair world for everyone, including its promises to undo Russia’s legacy of anti-Semitism.

One Jewish communist captured the sense of relief and hope that many felt early in the Soviet era: “There was a tremendous joy and a tremendous friendship between the Gentiles and the Jews. We thought that this was like the Messiah came.”

Yet over time, Soviet actions showed precisely how little power Jews had over the state: Soviet leaders systematically repressed Yiddish culture, lost interest in interrupting popular violence against Jews and eliminated Jewish leaders through exile, secret executions and show trials.

So why do Progressive Jews support Socialism if it’s a death sentence for the Jews?  How many times do Jews have to learn that lesson the hard way?

If there is a Jewish candidate come November — even one very different from Sanders, such as former New York mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg — understanding the peculiar contours of anti-Semitism will be a critical asset for voters. Biases against other groups, such as African Americans, indigenous people or Latinos, have tended to paint them as morally flawed or culturally inferior. These tropes serve to justify robbing them of power: stealing their labor or their land, withholding public services from them or profiting from their incarceration. But anti-Semitism is based on inflating Jews’ imagined power. It describes Jews as the ultimate masterminds, in league together to dominate the world’s unsuspecting non-Jews.

“The Jews are too rich, have too much money, are the landlords, or are oppressing the poor, brown, Palestinians and so it’s social justice to attack them” describes the attacks on Jews by Leftists on college campuses and minorities in New York/New Jersey.  It’s something they share with the White Supremacists.

To be honest, the only thing related to anti-Semitism I’ve seen from Conservatives regarding Bernie is calling him out for aligning with anti-Semites.

What shape might this view take in a general election? Anti-Semites might not openly name Jews as the enemy. They might more subtly urge voters to “fight back” against the shadowy forces manipulating the little guy, such as George Soros, “globalists” or international bankers.

George Soros is one of the evilest human beings to exist on earth right now.  I am tired of hearing how any attack on George Soros is veiled anti-Semitism.  The man makes his money by profiting off the destruction of national economies.  He has used his money to influence local politicians into supporting the sorts of open borders and bail reform that is turning American cities into violent cesspools.  There is a special place in hell for him.

Or they might grow more explicit, turning Sanders’s powerful criticisms of a rigged economy around to argue that Democrats’ messages of equality are a ruse.

It is a ruse, just ask the people who paid off their student loan on their own.

Sanders’s supporters think his outsider appeal can bring in disaffected voters. But anti-Semitism says that it is non-Jews who have been made outsiders, and that taking the country back requires uniting against Jews.

In an economy where more people feel like outsiders than insiders, this is a message with dangerous appeal — and Jews aren’t the only ones at risk. The Judeo-Bolshevist myth doesn’t just preach that Jews are bad; it says that the search for “impossible equality” is itself morally suspect. The reality is that defending Jews and defending the right of all people to fight for a fair economy will be one struggle.

There is the point.  See, if you are not an impossible utopia Socialist, you are an anti-Semite.

So what does that say for all the Progressive socialists who are ardent Jew-haters?

Or the Conservatives who have been more supportive of the Jews than the Left in America?

This isn’t about real anti-Semitism.  This is a way for a Progressive Socialist to put you in a double bind where either you agree with her or you are a racist.

Anti-Semitism poses a threat to Democrats in 2020. The answer is not to hide from it.

I think she misspelled that.  It should read.  “Democrats are hiding from the anti-Semitic threat they pose in 2020.”

When anti-Semitism increases, even non-Jews can’t escape it. Just ask Franklin D. Roosevelt, who presided during the last historic rise of American anti-Semitism. Roosevelt wasn’t Jewish, but that didn’t protect him from consistent rumors that he was secretly a Jew or that he was a puppet of his Jewish advisers.

Fuck this woman.  FDR was not a victim.  He prohibited Jews escaping Nazi Germany from gaining refugee status in the US, and then put together a plan to round up Holocaust survivors and deport them to Madagascar, along with as many American Jews as he could entice to leave.

The only reason this didn’t happen is because of a blood clot, and Truman took on look at FDR’s plan and said: “fuck this shit.”

FDR had the blood of countless Jews on his hands.  I hope the Devil is giving it to his crippled ass with a cactus strap-on in hell for that.

Nor was this phenomenon limited to the 1930s — look at the anti-Semitic rhetoric used in 2016 against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, both by Republican candidate Donald Trump and his supporters.

What the fuck is she talking about?  Are we discussing the same Hillary Clinton that used to call people a “fucking Jew bastard?”  Seems she was more on the supply than the receive side for anti-Semitism.

Americans will need a candidate who can slay this dragon, a leader who understands that the answer to both anti-Semitism and inequality in America is to face them head-on. Such a candidate will need supporters who grasp how anti-Semitism works in America: its deep roots, its power to divide movements and its strategic role in silencing people who know how possible equality really is. 

And that candidate is a Socialist who thought Chavez’s Venezuela was more of the American Dream than America and surrounds himself with vicious anti-Semites.

If Bernie experiences anti-Semitism, it’s because it’s coming from his staff.

This article is pure garbage.  It ignores or rewrites huge swaths of history, and covers over the stain of anti-Semitism to promote Bernie, who is an evil man, and denouncing his detractors as anti-Semites.

I shouldn’t be surprised that a Progressive writer for the Washington Post could be this wrong on so many things, but I am.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Washington Post publishes the worst Defense of Bernie”
  1. Sounds like they’re trying to create a message pre-emptively that they can then blame on ‘right wing white men’. Next , 3 guys named Cooter will start posting on FB/Twitter about ‘commie jooooooos’ and it will take off from there. Then every news hack will start posting the latest ‘right wing anti-semitism’ scandal.

  2. Classic “Jones Will Come Back”. Typical gaslighting by the MSM, pretending that if the Jews leave the Democrats, nobody will love them- usual technique employed by abusers.

  3. It’s pretty obvious that nazi and communist totalitarianism are nearly the same, after all they worked together until Hitler decided to make a stupid mistake and invade Russia.
    Antisemitism is in any case a major part of Soviet ideology. For one thing, there’s a bit of obscure history that they (Stalin? Or a later communist boss?) tried to move all the Soviet Jews to the “Jewish oblast” — a spot of wilderness way far out in the deep corners of Siberia.

  4. My take. The Communists were International Socialists. They believed workers everywhere were the same, and the Workers of the World were all brothers and sisters being oppressed by the evil plutocrats everywhere. Once the Revolution succeeds World Wide, the state would fade away, and everyone would live in a communal utopia.

    The Fascists and Nazis were National Socialists. They believed in Nation First, and their workers were being oppressed by their own nation’s plutocrats and other evil nation state’s plutocrats were evilly oppressing their entire nationstate and its Folk/People/Volk. Mussolini broke with the International Socialists because they believed no workers should fight in the Great War, but he supported the Italian State and the Italian People, and believed Italian Socialists should fight for Italy and the Italian State, not some nebulous International Socialism.

    Another difference in the actual practices; Communists immediately sent the owners, managers, and even semi-successful peasants to their deaths; the Nazis mostly kept the owners and managers in charge, and told them if they disobeyed the Fearless Leader then they would be sent to their deaths.

    Yes there were a lot of Jews that were Communists. There still are a lot of Jewish Communists around today. They will stupidly remain Communists even after the Anti Semites get around to purging them from the Party. Just ask the Soviets in Stalin’s Doctors Plot, or the British Jews fleeing the Labor Party. Anyone that is a Socialist or Communist is an idiot, Jewish or not.

    1. The Soviet Union was an empire run by and for ethnic Russians. Nazi Germany tried to build an empire run by and for ethnic Germans. Fascist Italy tried to build an empire run by and for ethnic Italians. The Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere was an empire run by and for ethnic Japanese.

      All of them were about totalitarian tribalism. The philosophic dressing was just rationalization.

    2. Just to add one thing: The sowjet commies were very racist and deeply nationalists. No two sides about it. They pushed a “russians first” agenda – if you were a conscript from say Kazakhstan you were living through hell during your time in the red army.

      They just had good PR. That’s why so many people think they treated everyone equal.

  5. I cannot for the life of me figure out why a Jewish researcher would ignore all of this.

    Like you’ve said before, many times, a Jewish “Progressive” is a “Progressive” first, a Jew second.

    Or as I like to say, “A ‘Progressive’ Jew. In that order.”

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