The weirdest Active Shooter ever. (Florida Mall People?)

“My mom and I were shopping and heard people yell, ‘Active shooter.’ We sprinted out through a back door. I’ve never been so terrified in my life,” Sara Perlman said on Twitter.
A photo posted on Twitter shows people hiding in the back room of the H&M store.
South Florida malls have been the site of several shooting scares in recent months. In December, a thief set off fireworks to distract employees of a jewelry store at Sawgrass Mills. People mistook the noise for gunshots and fled the mall. No one was hurt.

Are you ready for the headline?

Shoplifter with knife causes Sawgrass Mills mall evacuation, police say

And no kidding, they did hide:

Correct me is I am wrong but, when an Active shooter is doing his thing, there is noise as in shooting, right? That is a pretty damn big clue to know if somebody is shooting or not. So what did this guy do? Slash in the air and go “Bang-bang-bang-bang.”?

Effing Broward County.

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  1. I haven’t checked the twitter feeds of those who have chosen us as enemies, but I can predict that there will be several versions of

    “Mass Shootings are so common in America that firecrackers cause mass mall terror. We must ban gunz nao! #GunSense #CommonSense #OMGWTFBBQ”

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