This is an interview with Rabbi Charlie Cytron Walker:

I’m reminded of the Mosney, New York, Hanukkah Stabbing where Joseph Gluck threw a marble coffee table at the attacker.

The fight is in the mind, you must have the will to choose violence when it is necessary.

Rabbi Walker lives in Texas.  I hope he goes out today and buys a gun.

He’s proven he has the will, now he needs more effective things to throw, like a quality JHP.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The will to fight and doing what you can with what you got”
  1. I’ve got $100 vs. $10 that says he won’t. Reform rabbi with hyphenated last name? Progressive congregation? Not gonna happen.
    He still gets credit for taking action, but becoming armed and trained is a bridge too far.

    1. Yes, but that hyphenated last name?
      I think “Cytron-Walker” sounds like some sort of futuristic killbot, and he should maybe try living up to it. (Ring modulator and Larson scanner optional.)

  2. It’s interesting that nearly all the reporting claims the FBI freed the hostages. But it’s clear they did no such thing: instead, they only went in after all the hostages had freed themselves.

    1. More on that: it makes me wonder if that claim originated with the FBI, which of course would know it’s not so. If yes, for what purpose? And perhaps related: one wonders why, after the good guys were safe and there was no more threat to innocent bystanders, did the FBI decide to “breach” the building and storm it with their SWAT team, rather than simply wait the guy out. If I were a cynic about the FBI (hm, come to think of it, I am) I might wonder if they wanted to shut up someone who might be able to say inconvenient things if captured alive.

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