Now SPACE is racist! Woke Colorado astrophysics professor moans her field is riddled with ‘white supremacy’ and sexism – with colleagues using ‘hypermasculine’ and ‘violent’ language to describe the cosmos

A Colorado astrophysicist has claimed her field is steeped in white supremacy and sexism because ‘hypermasculine’ and ‘violent’ language is used to describe stars.

Natalie Gosnell, an assistant professor at Colorado College, takes an unconventional approach to physics by comparing stars with humans to turn science into an art.

In an interview with the college newspaper she claimed she has struggled to overcome a division between art and science that is rooted in ‘systemic racism.’

Her work aims ‘to cross typical disciplinary boundaries to create art-science pieces that re-inscribe outer space as feminist space,’ she said on her website.

‘Both artists and scientists are just observing things about the world, interpreting those observations, and then sharing their interpretation,’ Gosnell told Colorado College News.

‘As an astrophysicist, I am a product of institutions steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy,’ she said.

Suggestions that academic fields like science and engineering are male-dominated are common and generally accepted but Gosnell goes further by arguing that the language used to describe scientific phenomena is sexist and racist.

The way in which stars burn through their fuel and die is viewed through a ‘hypermasculine’ lens and the metaphors used are often ‘very violent,’ she claimed.

Gosnell, who studies binary star systems using telescopes and imaging, has said she tries to combine art and science because the two fields are more similar than people think.

More recently she was involved in a creative project, The Gift, which was an experimental piece of theater that anthropomorphized blue stragglers and made comparisons between the life spans and interactions of stars and humans.

I have always been a space junkie.

I’ve written before about how I decided to become an engineer because my dad took me to see Apollo 13 in theaters as a kid.

I admired men like Kelly Johnson and Gene Kranz.

Mem who wore skinny ties, smoked Luky Strikes, and broke the sound barrier and put men on the moon with slide rules.

This is space today.

A feminist astrophysics who complains about the sexist language of stars and creates performance art pieces about her research.

I can imagine this in Houston in April of 1970.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

“That’s negative, masculine language. We don’t have a problem. We have an opportunity to do some constructive brainstorming in a safe place.”

“The CO2 scrubbers from the orbiter won’t fit in the lander, we’re running out of air.”

“Excess CO2 is a problem here on earth too.”

“We need to make this (orbiter scrubber) fit in the hole for this (lander scrubber) using nothing but that.”

“That is the sexist language of toxic masculinity.  You men see everything as holes to put your things in.  That’s dehumanizing and oppressive.  Report to HR now.”

[Astronauts die.]

Everything woke turns to shit and the woke are going to kill space science.

The safest part is that the death of space science won’t inspire the next generation of Johnsons or Kranzs, but will inspire the next generation of mediocre scientists to use woke language to get victim status.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The woke death of space science”
  1. “The way in which stars burn through their fuel and die is viewed through a ‘hypermasculine’ lens and the metaphors used are often ‘very violent,’ she claimed.”

    Guess what princess, the universe IS a violent place…

  2. “…her field is steeped in white supremacy…”

    Well, the stars’ light _does_ appear to be white, not light of color……..

    (I’ll see myself out.)

      1. White Dwarfs
        Black Holes, which she apparently is. Sorry, I didn’t really mean that. Not. Yeah, I did, come to think about it.

  3. Without the so called, Toxic Masculinity’ which was not solely produced by just people with European genetics over the past one hundred plus years, but instead by many who were anything but from European genetics. And ironically there would not be the status of science today if it were not for the risk takers of all ethnic backgrounds who gave their lives to cause the very platform upon which ‘woke’ individuals wage war against those people, male and female, from all walks of life. Life itself is toxic at the very best. It’s reality which must be embraced if success is to be achieved in the end.

    This woke type of ideology is based in Utopianism, which can not be substantiated scientifically. Failure is the single most important element of science, without it, science does not exist. If not for a person with a weapon of death, implementing it with disciplines which seem unnatural at first, there would be no base upon which today’s elite utopian proponents would be able to shit in the kitchen from which they are fed and have been fed for centuries. The endeavor to cancel-out all which does not achieve utopian perfection as the woke elitest perceives and defines it, is not science, but utter insanity.

  4. If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
    I will bet every dollar that pResident Classified allows me to keep in my wallet that this woman does not get much recognition in her career. I will be she thinks she should be published and a household name like Sagan, Einstein, or Hawking. But, her knowledge and skills are just not there, so she has to get the ego boost she so desperately craves via wokeism, and social justice warrior BS.
    Correct response is to point and laugh.

  5. At a guess this translates to “I can’t get tenure any other way so I’ll try making a fuss.”

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