I came across a true stunner of an opinion written today. One so chock full of ignorance, self loathing, and antisemitism, it was a masterpiece in moral depravity.

It comes from none other than Ryan Deitsch.

From Parkland to Palestine: Jewish American Gun Violence Survivor Demands No More Munitions To Israel #CeasefireNOW

So right off the bat, he’s trying to use his victim status as a survivor of the Parkland shooting to browbeat Israel.

You know it’s going to be bad.

Six years ago today, tragedy struck my hometown of Parkland in the form of a neo-nazi 19-year-old who shot up my high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The shooter deliberately targeted students and faculty in and around our Holocaust Studies program; killing 14 students and 3 staff, all friends and loved ones of our community.

It is factual that Nikolas Cruz had a history of making racist and antisemitic statements, his motives never appeared politically. He was obsessed with other mass shooters, had a history of other behavioral issues, and was most likely a fucking psychopath attracted to other afwul people.

In the aftermath, my friends and I responded by popularizing a hashtag “#NeverAgain” to raise awareness of shootings and hopefully bring an end to this violence.

This is grotesquely offensive. They deliberately appropriated a phrase popularized to combat genocidal antisemitism for gun control.

As a gun owning Jew, who quite purposefully owns guns to defend myself against violent antisemites, I hated this.

Among our many supporters, those connected to Israeli society were sympathetic towards us; providing Israeli trauma specialists to train counselors in Parkland, covering our community in the press, even going so far to join in our protest “The March For Our Lives.” That March 2018 rally in Tel Aviv saw speakers emphasize the need for people, especially children, to not experience the horrors of gun violence.

These last several months, Israel has been waging all out war against the Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank. As of this writing, Israel has reportedly killed, among others, +12,300 children. Despite the killings in Gaza by Israelis dating back long before last October, the United States government and many in the political class remain committed to openly endorsing this genocide.

There is do much to deal with in this paragraph.

First of all, is the glaring lack of mention of the 10/7 Attack. As though Israel decided to wage war on Gaza for no reason.

Second, there is no genocide on Palestinians. That’s not the stated intent of Israel, unlike Hamas, which has stated its intent is to wipe out the Jews. Also, Israel tries to remove civilians from harm’s way, even when that increases the risk to Israeli soldiers.

Third, he just acceptes Hamas casualty numbers, without ever questioning if they are accurate or anti-Israel propaganda.

When kids were killed in Parkland, every major news network (both U.S. and international) sent reporters on the ground. When kids are killed in Palestine, journalists are killed alongside them. 110+ journalists have been murdered by Israeli forces using U.S. made weapons. Most of these journalists weren’t in the field as most would assume. They were targeted and killed in their homes. U.S. news outlet CNN has to be approved by the IDF before sharing reports from Gaza.

Most of the “journalists” killed are Hamas terrorists. Mohammed Wishah was a journalist for Al Jazeera and a Hamas commander, for example.

He’s defending Hamas terrorists with Hamas propaganda.

To those people who stand against gun violence in Parkland but not in Palestine, hypocrite is too weak a descriptor. People like my representative, Jared Moskowitz, has been an ardent vocal supporter of Israel’s war that has killed dozens of academics and destroyed every university in Gaza; while simultaneously touring officials around the MSD shooting crime scene. Moskowitz, who endorses collective punishment of Palestinians, has previously said in an official statement:

The “gun violence” was the 10/7 attack on civilians by Hamas and Gazans.

What Israel is doing is a war to destroy a terrorist army that attack it.

Those are different. To conflate the two is moral depravity.

The Parkland shooting shows that U.S. militarism abroad comes home to roost in the form of our domestic gun violence epidemic. The AR-15, a weapon used by many killers and few sportsmen, was illegal for civilian use when the shooter was born because of the assault weapons ban of 1994, which expired in 2004. This expiration was permitted by a Senate waging expensive forever wars in the Middle East, the “War on Terror”, resulting in investments like expanding the 1033 program, which grants surplus military weaponry to domestic police forces.

This is literally nonsense. US military deployment overseas and US foreign policy had nothing to do with a psychopath killing kids in a high school. Nikolas Cruz didn’t bet his gun through the 1033 program, so what’s the point of mentioning that.

Weapons of war have flooded our communities, in the hands of unaccountable cops and private citizens. The ease of access to weapons increases the mortality rate of most violent crimes. At this rate U.S. law enforcement have become more brutal and better equipped than many foreign militaries.


I’ve covered a lot of bad cop shoots on this blog. Even then, no, our police are neither more brutal or better armed than foreign militaries.

In all of these years on my healing journey, I learned painfully well that the violence many experience today is not only preventable, but is manufactured. During the Parkland shooting, the sheriffs office not only failed to stop the shooter (he was stopped by his swastika-laden gun jamming) they also prevented emergency health technicians from entering the building, costing several lives that could’ve been saved.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is a bunch of gutless, dickless, feckless, yellow-bellied cowards, who violated SOP for an active shooter. That is correct.

Not only did the Israeli forces do the same thing on October 7th, they also shot, bombed and killed many Israelis.

There were a few, tragic, friendly fire incidents, in the heat of battle, where the IDF did misidentify targets and accidentally kill Isrealis.

The IDF did not bomb the Nova music festival or deliberately kill Israeli civilians. That is an antisemitic conspiracy theory cooked up by Palestinian and neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists who want to deny the horrors of the 10/7 attack.

And he buys it.

As a Jew growing up in Zionist spaces, I was taught the Talmudic phrase “To save a life is to save the world entire”: that each individual contributes to the whole that is humanity. Why, I ask why, are so many who stood with us not only okay with, but are actively cheering on the U.S.- backed death squads in Rafah, Gaza’s supposed safe zone.

There are no Israeli death squads in Rafah, or anywhere else. The IDF did rescue two hostages that Hamas had taken into hiding in Rafah.

Zionists who use Hamas as an excuse to justify carpet bombing Palestinian communities are the same political actors who use shootings like Parkland to justify our ballooning police and military budgets.

There is no carpet bombing of Gaza. Carpet bombing actually means something. Huge waves of bombers blasting an area flat, like how we bombed Berlin in WWII, that’s carpet bombing. Israel isn’t doing that. That is a Hamas lie.

Supporting Israel’s expanding war makes us all less safe.


This is the disgusting trope of blaming Israeli actions for antisemitism. I.e., “Jews are hated because of what Israel is doing. If Israel stopped doing that, people wouldn’t hate the Jews.”

We are more safe because Israel is killing terrorists.

If we want children to not die brutally, regardless of nation, then we must stand against the killers of our youth and their benefactors. The genocide of Palestinians, just like mass shootings in the US, continue to occur because of this poverty of political consciousness on the front of those who claim to care about children in one place and not another.

There is no genocide of Palestinians.

Demanding a ceasefire is to reward Hamas for using the tactic of hiding behind children.

This must be why Ryan likes Hamas. He and his Parkland cohorts (David Hogg, especially) like to hide behind children, ideologically, when making their absurd attacks on law abiding gun owners. For instance, when Hogg said Republicans had blood on their hands and faces, then said he couldn’t be criticized because he is a just a high school student and it was unfair for adult politicians to push back against him.

I draw no line at borders when it comes to the protection of human life – nor should you. If you reject kids dying in Parkland, you should also reject kids dying in Palestine. If you demand safety and security for one group but not another, you aren’t a humanitarian, you are a hypocrite who only believes some deserve safety.

Do Jewish kids get to be safe from Hamas?

No, of course not. Jews get to die as good victims.

For those like myself who fight for freedom and liberation for all, we must be honest that if every Israeli captive was freed today that would not end their military occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. 

Actually, Hamas turning over all the hostages would be a major step in ending this. Also, there is no ethnic cleansing in Gaza. This is antisemitic propaganda from Hamas.

I stand with those calling for the ~100 Israelis still captive in Gaza to return home as well as the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners Israeli holds, many of which continue to be held without charge.

Return the Israelis.

The “Palestine political prisoners” are terrorists. Again, wirds have meaning. They weren’t arrested for publishing an op-ed. They provided material support to terrorists or tried to murder Israelis.

I join the majority of the world’s nations in demanding Israel commit to a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and demand the United States cease providing munitions to Israel in direct violation of U.S. and international law.


This asajew has parroted Hamas and neo-Nazi talking points, spread antisemitic lies about Israel, and utterly ignored the 10/7 attack, and then tries to conflate the psychopathic Maas shooting in Parkland with a war of self defense against a terrorist state.

This is some of the most morally depraved bit of garbage I have read online.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “The worst opinion I’ve ever read”
  1. Utopian “We are the World” garbage. Disorder (Evil) existed first and from it, Order (Good) was created second—this process does not preclude the state of disorder because it is the natural first state of the realm of earth, but not the realm of the universe.
    After this completely misguided Jew wrote this, the pats on his back by his liberal utopian buddies assured him of his righteousness. He believes he’s now on Jehovah’s side. For him to learn the error of his ways, he needs to arrive at the side of a Hamas member and attempt to offer support.

  2. another example of always scream the “narrative “. lie until it becomes truth( in thier mind) liberals are losing everywhere so the only things they have are racism and gun violence…. fuk em.

  3. I am always amazed at the tendency of political groups, but especially the Democrats, to link two disparate ideas in a pseudo- (or just plain faux-) causal relationship. For instance, you must be for gun control and pro-Palestine; you cannot be for one and against the other. You wind up with linkages that a moment’s reflection show are first-order incompatible, e.g. Gays for Palestine, “LGBTs cannot be free unless Palestine is free,” etc. And anyone of any stature attempting to agree to disagree, or even to raise a questioning finger, is ostracized.
    Makes no sense to me.

  4. The monsters have to bury 10/7 to hide their true motives. Unfortunately for them, we saw them celebrating it first, and sane people won’t forget. “This is what decolonization looks like”, indeed — rape, slaughter, torture and barbaric joy at it.

  5. Doubling down on oppressor/oppressed ideology is the only way he can handle the cognitive dissonance. Sarah Hoyt’s latest blog post is on point.

  6. If I am reading this correctly, the moron writing the opinion piece is saying a neo-nazi shot up his school during a Holocaust event, which makes it (in his world) an antiSematic attack.
    And, he wants to disarm Israel?
    The stupid runs strong in this one.

  7. The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. He disparages the Broward County Sheriff for not doing their job of protecting his classmates and then turns immediately around and blasts the IDF for protecting Israeli citizens and interests.

    1. That’s because he is intentionally looking at the Israel/Hamas conflict wrong: He (rightly) disparages the Broward County Sheriff’s office for not protecting him and his classmates from “gun violence”, and then he blasts the IDF for committing “gun violence” on so-called “Palestinians”. When “gun violence” is the only lens through which he sees the world, it makes sense.
      Just like how innocent people who use guns to defend themselves from violent criminals are “committing ‘gun violence'” and should have just given up and died. He sees the guns and sees “gun violence”, which to him is categorically unjustifiable.
      We look at both issues — the Israel/Hamas conflict and lawfully-armed self-defense — and see justified violence; the fact that it involves guns is irrelevant.
      The cognitive dissonance comes in when: a. The Broward County Sheriff and deputies responded to his school (for whatever that was worth) with guns; and b. Hamas committed the 10/7 attack with guns. Somehow, he finds neither of those points worth mentioning.
      Then again, selective outrage is a common trait on his side of the issues.

  8. “Jews are hated because of what Israel is doing. If Israel stopped doing that, people wouldn’t hate the Jews.”
    No, Jews are hated because human leaders tell their followers that everything wrong in the world is the fault of Jews. Sometimes they claim their pagan or Muslim “gods” said so.
    Jew-hatred predates the current conflict by millennia; it’s known as “The Oldest Hatred” for a reason. Ancient kings convinced their nations to hate the Jews for keeping their religion and traditions instead of assimilating. Hitler convinced 1930s Germans to hate the Jews for being marginally more successful than Protestant Germans and that the economic depression was because of them and not NATO’s post-Great-War sanctions. And modern-day Islamists hate the Jews and try to destroy them at every turn, because “Allah wills it”.
    If Israel ceased their Gaza offensive to eradicate Hamas terrorists, people would still find reasons to hate the Jews. If Israel gave up, turned their entire nation over to the “Palestinians”, and walked away — IOW, if “From the river to the sea…” were made reality — there would still be someone willing to hunt down and kill Jews; the hatred runs that deep.
    The current Israel/Hamas conflict has nothing to do with any of it; it’s just the latest excuse in a LONG list of bad excuses. People who want to hate the Jews will always find a reason.

  9. The solution to morons like this is simple. Air drop them into wherever Hamas, Hezbollah or some other goat humping group of terrorists are in control. Problem solved. Problem staying solved.

  10. “…to those who are able, hold your loved ones close. For some of us… it is too late.”

    Dun, dun, DUN!

    Imma gunna who right out and destroy my assault weaponz. 😆

    Yet another historically ignorant so-called Jew. Oy vey.

  11. Why do Jews not believe in JeZeus even after all he did; and he said if you don’t believe in me you’ll go to Hell for eternity. Did Jesus lie? Is Gehinnom eternal? Do Jews not believe what he says? Why for 2000+ years have the Jewish people abhorred and decried belief in JeZeus as a false messiah avoda zarah?

    New Testament theology = revisionist history. However T’nach does not teach history, despite historical/conservative Judaism narishkeit. The T’NaCH defines prophesy as a tohor persons who commands mussar.

    Witchcraft, by stark contrast, a tumah false prophet predicts the future. Hence the New Testament (Roman counterfeit) declares that JeZeus fulfilled the words of the prophets. Proof that the New Testament promotes false prophet theologies. False prophet theologies defined as a predetermined creed/dogma which dictates what and how people should believe in God as an act of faith.

    The Torah defines the tohor concept of faith as: Justice, Justice pursue. Based upon the cruel corrupt and oppressive Courts of king Par’o who withheld straw to Israelite slaves and who ordered the overseers to beat without mercy Israelites for their failure to meet the quota of bricks imposed upon these Israelite slaves. Based upon the conditions where Par’o supplied the Hebrews with the straw they required to make bricks their quota of bricks.

    Yitro commanded a strong mussar to Moshe when he saw Moshe all alone judge the disputes between the people. Justice defined as the power of common law courtrooms to make fair restitution of damages inflicted upon Jews by other Jews.

    Muhammad pulled the exact same rabbit out of his tumah magic-hat. The Koran rhetoric repeats prophet, prophet, prophet Ad infinitum, yet never defines – from the Torah – the term prophet. The Gospels did the exact same tumah Abracadabra, with the ((to quote Baba Kama: “Mountain hanging by a hair”)), the Pie in the Sky term of: Love.

    T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Why? Because mussar applies straight across the board to all generations of bnai brit Israel. A bnai brit Israel grows the תוכחה\mussar rebuke within our hearts.

    We grow and nurture this mussar within us. And these “tohor spirits” (based upon the revelation of the שם השם לשמה) they live within our hearts. They cause bnai brit Israel to dedicate defined tohor middot (‘ה’ ה’ אל רחום וחנון וכו, also known as the Oral Torah revelation at Horev) in all our future social interactions with our family, neighbours & people.

    Hence the spirituality known as: the baali t’shuva. Mesechta Sanhedrin of the Talmud learns the mitzva of Moshiach tied to the mitzva of baali t’shuva. Based upon Moshe and the burning bush confrontation. Wherein Moshe vocally opposed to go down unto Egypt to bring Israel out from judicial oppression slavery. Yet Moshe, as a baali t’shuva descended unto Egypt and brought Israel unto freedom. Moshe serves as the Torah model for the mitzva of Moshiach. Moshe did not build a Catholic assimilated Cathedral as did king Shlomo. King Shlomo worshipped avoda zarah.

    Moshe struggled to build the small sanhedrin Federal courts on the far side of the Jordan river. When king David, based upon the mussar commanded by the prophet Natan, commanded his son Shlomo to build the Beit HaMikdash, he had no such k’vanna for king Shlomo to assimilate and copy the customs manners and ways of the Goyim, who reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, and who build Cathedral Temples throughout the annuls of Human History. The k’vanna of the Moshiach to build the Beis HaMikdash learns from Moshe Rabbeinu who established the small Sanhedrin Federal Courtrooms in 3 of the Cities of Refuge on the other side of the Jordan river.

    The mitzva of Moshiach constitutes as a tohor time oriented commandment; applicable to all generations of the Jewish people, just like tefillah stands in the stead of korbanot. All tohor time oriented commandments, applicable to all the Jewish people. All tohor time oriented commandments stand upon the foundation\יסוד of “fear of Heaven”.

    This foundation of pursuit of judicial justice requires that a baali t’shuva dedicates a tohor middah. Which tohor middah does the mitzva of Moshiach require as its holy defining dedication to שם השם לשמה? The middah dedication to restore the lateral Sanhedrin Federal common law courts across the Torah Constitutional Republic.

    The oath sworn alliance, known as “brit”, (like as found in בראשית\ברית אש, ראש בית, ב’ ראשית), this key Torah term means “alliance” and also “Republic”. The 12 Tribes forged this oath brit alliance which established the First Commonwealth of the Torah Constitutional Republic of the 12 Tribes. Based upon the Torah precedent, (known in Hebrew as בנין אב) upon Moshe anointing Aaron and his House as Moshiach.

    Aaron dedicates korbanot. A korban sacrifice does not at all represent a barbeque unto Heaven. To dedicate a korban requires swearing a Torah oath. Just as to cut a brit לשם השם לשמה requires swearing a Torah oath. Just as the Shemone Esrei standing tefillah requires the k’vanna to swear a Torah oath through the dedication of one or more defined tohor middot.

    The mitzva of Moshiach, a mitzva applicable to all generations of Israel. Just as tefillah and the mitzva of shabbat applicable to all generations of Israel.

    The revisionist history of Xtian avoda zarah lacks the wisdom to discern between T’NaCH/Talmudic common law from Roman statute law. This tumah avoda zarah has witnessed oppression and cruelty that far surpasses the evil ways of Par’o and the Egyptians. This false prophet false messiah based religion proves the Gospel declaration of: “By their fruits you shall know them.”

    The church stands guilty of the Shoah blood of Caine: Inquisition, 3 Century ghetto war crimes, annual blood libel slanders etc etc etc.

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