Miguel sent me this Tweet:

Two points:

1 – Clearly Jews are learning the importance of self defense and not relying on others in an immediate crisis.

2 – Clearly being in a pro-gun, concealed carry state makes a difference.   The Jews of NYC and LA can’t carry if they wanted to.

But I decided to dig into this thread a bit.

Here is how it unfolded.

It was a response to a Tweet by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg.  I’ve written about Rabbi Ruttenberg before.

She is the Wokest of the Woke Rabbinate.  A true, dyed in the wool Yevsektsiya.

She spent four year explaining exactly how Donald Trump was the second coming of Adolf Hitler and the real meaning of Judaism is to stump for Democrats, taxpayer provided abortion, open boarders, and gun bans.

This time around Rabbi Ruttenberg us advocating for total Synagogue disarmament, including getting rid of police, to make Jews safer.

I will agree with Rabbi Ruttenberg on one detail, the Waffen NYPD is a threat to the Jewish community.

The rest, however, is bullshit.

If you go into the articles she quotes, they are filled with gems like this:

The white Jewish community is a racist community, not much different than any other majority-white space in America. It’s a hard truth, but denying it is useless to everyone except those who benefit from it. Pretending otherwise is disrespectful to the experiences of Jews of Color, which have been well-documented. White congregants may not be police officers, but they often carry the same bias towards people of color and black people. With guns, their bias could still get someone killed.

I spoke to Kai*, a black Jew from Pennsylvania who absolutely does not trust their fellow congregants with guns. Kai told me that if the members of their synagogue were armed, they would feel the need to attend almost all synagogue events so as not to appear “new” or “unfamiliar.” Kai said that, “If I miss one Shabbat, I might get shot [at] the next [one] by some new idiot.”


Despite the rising tide of anti-Semitism, we must not put armed guards or police officers in synagogues after Pittsburgh. In the aftermath of this horrific attack on our community, we must prioritize the safety of all Jews. And the simple fact is, with police officers in synagogues, Black Jews and Jews of Color won’t feel safer at all.

In fact, we’ll feel — and be — less safe.

This is the same horseshit that comes out every time a state liberalizes concealed carry.

“There will be blood in the streets!!!” They yell.

Then they add the racial dynamic.

“White gun owners will gun down innocent black people because they are racist!!!”

Of course that never materializes.

I’m old enough to remember in the early days of COVID how we were told if black people wore masks then white people would shoot them.  Again, it never happened.  But I digress…

Now they are directing that argument straight at the Jewish community.

What is truly, grossly disgusting is that the real number of Jews killed in mass casualty attacks far outweighs the number of histrionic, strawman, fictitious incidents of a CCW holder gunning down an innocent black person over a case of bigotry and mistaken identity.

But The Narrative uber alles.

So the Woke Yevsektsiya convince Jews to ignore real threats and embrace real solutions with intersectional fairly tales.

But of it saves the life of one black Jews from being shot by a racist fellow congregants, it’s worth the lives of all the there Jews killed in antisemitic attacks.

And where Rabbi Ruttenberg says “Because when we stop being communities that live into our obligations to care for those who need care, we stop being Jews.”

Fuck her.  We don’t stop being Jewish when we decide to go armed and defend ourselves.  We stop being Jews when we’re gunned down and stop living.

I know that we will never get rid of antisemitism.  After 6,000 years, it’s clear that some people will always hate us.

We need to wake up to the fact that Jews have a moral obligation to defend themselves.

Many Jews already have but the Yevsektsiya don’t want that because Yevsektsiya are Leftists and for Leftists the only good Jews are dead ones.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The Yevsektsiya are Leftists and Leftists only like defenseless, and therefore dead, Jews. Fortunately, Jews seem to be waking up to that fact.”
  1. I spoke to Kai*, a black Jew from Pennsylvania who absolutely does not trust their fellow congregants with guns.

    Because they’re white, or because they’re Jews?

  2. I probably have more in common with and probably would better like a POC randomly met at the range than this (probably ‘cultural ) Jew. She’ll be in the first box-car if it ever comes to that. I need to call the local Chabad house ….

  3. I was a lunch with a Yid friend of mine. Over our Gnu Yawk pizza pies, I asked why, with his people’s millennias of pretty awful history, they weren’t the most heavily armed in the world. He just shrugged and said “I am”.

    Good on him.

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