For a few days I have watched as media personalities and politicians have called DeSantis a “Karen” and a “bully” who berated and abused innocent children for wearing masks.

These are the same media personalities and politicians who forced children to wear masks all day in school and when outside playing sports.  Who made kids sit outside in freezing weather to take off their masks to eat.  Who punished, suspended, and expelled kids from school because the kids didn’t want to wear masks.

All of a sudden these people are the defenders of children from a bully who said they could wear masks if they wanted but they (the masks) are useless COVID theater.


I don’t accept that.

I refuse.

The more they try the angrier I get.

“I made your toddler wear a mask for two years so now he has a speech impediment but how dare you bully kids telling them to take off their masks.”

I’m going to keep posting this meme because it’s exactly how I feel about this.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “Their attempts at gaslighting me is really starting to piss me off”
  1. It gets better. Ron was explaining how all those kids in the background didn’t have masks on when he got there.

    Someone told the kids to mask up. My guess is they wanted a Stacy Abrams type of picture of him in front of all those masked kids while he was unmasked.

    He had played it very well

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