Seemingly, there is no winning. Either nod along politely or engage, thus running the likely odds of escalating a conflict that ends ugly for all present parties. But there are other viable options when confronted with a miserable liberal on Thanksgiving. Consider one or all of the following, depending on the subject’s level of hostility.

A Guide To Surviving Miserable Leftists At Thanksgiving Dinner (

I have two options in my arsenal. Number one is if I am at somebody’s house and the host is not doing anything: I leave.

Number two is if I am the host. I point at the door and give them 30 seconds to vacate the premises and be at least 1,000 yards from the festivities. If they know me, they will be no “or else what?” If they don’t know me, they will find out.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “There are better options.”
  1. As it was in my grandfathers’ and father’s house, so it is in my house today, a reading from William Bradford’s memoirs. begins the festivities and celebration of Historic American Capitalism as it was originally defined by the natural interaction of the Puritan Pilgrims and Wampanoag people, led by Massasoit. And no, the Indians did not save the Europeans from extinction, the abandonment of socialism for free market capitalism did.
    When the early settlers stopped collectively sharing and embraced private land ownership and farming, personal responsibility became the catalysis for health and success instead of communal sharing. It wasn’t long before the first symbol of capitalism was naturally created, i.e. the Trading Post. Where the value of an individual’s life was determined.
    The liberally educated brainwashed members of our clan won’t be here for this greatest of American holidays. As it should be.

  2. Im lucky to nothave to deal with annoying liberals. If I had to no matter whose house I was in, I would take thier plate of food and drink away from them and tell them of you don’t like American traditions and way of life you don’t get to participate in it. Go eat some kale.

  3. I am of a different opinion.
    Let them ramble.
    There are generally simple questions to ask that will shut them up. For a moment at least.
    If they are pushing some equity crap, ask them why their favorite sportsball team is not hiring on athletes based on racial quotas.
    Socialism crap, ask them if they would place the wants of a strangers child before the needs of their own? Exactly how much of their pay are the putting away into some stranger’s child’s college fund?
    Hate Trump? OK, why? (99% of the time it is because he is a bully, or other personality issue). Ask them if they want the head coach of their favorite sportsball team to be a nice guy? Or a tough A-hole that is not afraid to throw some weight around. Which one generally results in winning.
    Israel and ham ass? Simply state there are no innocent victims there on a national scale. Israel is not without blame, but at what point is killing teens at a music festival warranted?
    Gay rights? Already have them. What is the problem?
    BLM? If black lives actually mattered to blacks, I might care more. George Floyd’s life did not matter to him. If it did, he would not be taking drugs and committing crimes. Would Floyd’s family give back the money Minneapolis gave them in order to get George back?
    Trans rights? Ohhh… a bit tougher on that one because the terminology is so fluid. When the leftist can declare with a straight face that the thing sticking six inches out in front of the person’s crotch is a “vagina” it is a bit hard to argue. However, bring it back to sports again. Ask them why they are OK with several weight classes in PeeWee football, or boxing, but having a similar system in all sports to ensure a fair playing field is not OK?
    Climate change and “green” energy. Ask them about the laws of thermodynamics and how exactly they think they will bypass them.
    If you do choose to just show them the door, well, that just feeds their delusion that you are the problem.

    1. All good rational strategies there CBMTTek. Everyone in my family and close friends remember me taking the same similar strategy twenty-five years ago when all of those liberal ideological lies began. It was right when I did it in my situation and I’m sure it the correct thing for you to do in your situation now. But I’ll check back in with you in twenty years or so, to see what your tactic will become. Mine is to read from the source of the first occurrence of Thanksgiving in one of the original thirteen colonies. Been doing so now for twelve years.

      1. I have found that woke people are too entrenched in their own beliefs to handle any questions. It causes some kind of brain lock up.
        I have had a lot of people just plain shut up when I ask if they are willing to fund someone else’s college fund before their child’s is full. I get a lot of “well…. it take all of us….” after they refuse to admit they do and will take care of their own needs long before they start caring about others.
        I have actually gotten a few anti-Trump folks to admit that it was not really so bad under Trump after I used the Bill Belichek analogy. Want to win? You need an a-hole steering the ship. They still hate Trump, but cannot actually come up with any real reasons aside from his personality.
        Step one in getting through to a wokester is to have them defend their position against rational questions. You will never get them to actually wake up by tossing them out. That just feeds their delusion.

  4. I give thanks all my left wing relatives are on the opposite side of the continent but I do need to keep a lid on my mother in-law lest we hear excessive right wing blather.

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