This is General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff talking about Critical Race Theory before Congress:

White Rage.  He reads Critical Race Theory so he can understand White Rage and why January 6th happened.

Critical Race Theory cannot and will not accurately explain January 6th, it will only make the situation worse.  Which seems to be the point.

The January 6th protesters are very explicit about why they stormed the Capitol.  They believed that Trump lost due to fuckery.

The exact sort of fuckery ranges from the belief that large numbers of fraudulent ballots were counted to all the sudden and unilateral changes in voting rules due to the pandemic favored Biden and was tantamount to changing the rules in the middle of the game.

Other forms of fuckery, such as social media and media organizations actively suppressing stories unfavorable to Biden and going overwhelmingly against Trump were also at play.  How many stories recently have we found out with actual evidence that Trump was right and everyone else was wrong?

On its face, it’s just hard to understand how the guy who packed venues to standing room only lost to a candidate who mounted the laziest campaign in history and has all the signs of senility, and the guy who lost gained votes over his first victory.

I have said it before and I will say it again, at the heart of every form of political extremism is a seed of legitimate grievance.  If that legitimate grievance is not addressed, it will grow and bear extremist fruit.

The Democrats spent four years complaining that Trump was an illegitimate President and stole the election by collaborating with Russia, but the moment that Trump supporters say “there seems to be fuckery here and we want you to prove Trump lost to our satisfaction” it’s a threat to democracy and our country.

So without a doubt, nobody in power on the Left wants to know why January 6th happened.  They need another excuse that takes the question of election fuckery out and further delegitimizes the protesters.

Critical Race Theory and the idea of White Rage does that perfectly.  According to CRT, White People are uniquely fragile and when they don’t get their way at the expense of minorities, the White People can’t take it and fly into White Rage and become destructive.

And understand it is vital to teach this to our military so our military can continue to defend DC.

You need the military to believe that anyone who opposes a Leftist administration is doing so because they are fragile White People going into a fit of White Rage.

The very last thing you want is a member of the military to say:  “You know, these people make a good point.  Our President does have pudding for brains and seems to want to nuke Americans more than China.”

For a military to be useful against the citizens of its own nation, the military needs to be indoctrinated not to feel empathy for its fellow citizens.

The Germans were fed all sorts of Antisemitic propaganda.

The Soviets were conditioned to hate the Kulaks.

Mao’s Red Guard were encouraged to turn in family members who were not loyal to Mao.

The soldiers who are clearly ideologically opposed to the Left are being purged out.  The rest are going to be taught that White Americans who opposed the Left are dangerous because of their White Rage.

General Milley is defending teaching CRT in the military because he wants a military that has been trained to see American citizens of a particular demographic (non-Woke, Trump-supporting, White people) as the enemy.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “There is a reason the military is embracing CRT”
  1. I always thought the military would be on the side of Patriots. This is how the fucktards are gonna fix that.
    A gubmint goon is a gubmint goon and military personnel will be seen as just another target to identify, acquire, and destroy.

  2. The US military first begun to stagnate when it dropped the tradition of firing ineffective general officers .O3 and below do occasionally get fired if they haven’t learned how to escape consequences for their screw-ups but even that is rare unless the officer in question was prior enlisted in which case they are under a microscope the entire time. O5s and above don’t get fired unless their screw up makes the national news and even then it probably wont amount to much unless it was a sexual misconduct charge. Without merit being the chief qualifier of rank it became more a matter of military politics that decided promotion from O4 on up. It was only a matter of time before Military politics and Washington politics merged. The majority of political officers in service now came to be during president Obamas years when he pushed officer reduction boards and surprise surprise those without the appropriate political leanings got the boot. The Democrats have been planning this for a while, Obama was the setup and Hillery was most likely supposed to be the finisher but she lost. It is non wonder Obama’s hand picked generals always stonewalled Trump. What we are seeing now is the democrats making up for lost time.

  3. (a) Has Gen Miley *read* Kipling?

    (b) I am no authority, but, I really doubt anybody alive in CONUS has seen “white rage”.

  4. “White People are uniquely fragile and when they don’t get their way at the expense of minorities, the White People can’t take it and fly into White Rage and become destructive.”

    If that were even remotely accurate in any way, there would be riots on a daily basis. Yet, there aren’t, so they have to focus on the one off events (like Charlottesville) that (at least on the surface) support the narrative.

    Which, I guess, is the crux of critical theory. It is to ignore the overwhelming good of the system, and focus solely on the negatives.

  5. I have been watching footage of the “minority” anti-police protesters that keep blocking Lake Street and Girard in Uptown Minneapolis. This is where Winston “boogie” Smith was shot by a US Marshal Task Force trying to arrest him.

    The protesters reflect the neighborhood, White, Young, Progressive Idiots. Lots of Gays, Lesbians, and college age people. Some minorities, not a majority for sure. Just wait until they find themselves next on the menu.

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