A friend was recently contacted to do a funeral. They were told that they were the 12th minister that the family had contacted in an attempt to find a minister to perform the funeral. In this case the person had died and had already been cremated so the funeral was happening in October, a couple of months after my friend was contacted.

What was it that made it so difficult to get a minster for a funeral? Simple, the family has some native american beliefs and they wanted the minister to say a native american prayer during the service. My friend said “yes.” No other minister would do it. The prayer in question wasn’t outlandish. It was a very Christianized version of the original prayer.

Why would so many of these men of faith refuse?

They are right wing extremists.

When you go looking for “intolerant assholes” you don’t have to look much further than christian churches (and can’t speak of other synagogues, I leave that to J.Kb.). We have all heard about the mega-churches where you send your money in order to be saved and anybody that hadn’t been saved was going straight to hell.

It is a trope in movies, videos and books. The religious leader that is intolerant of whatever it is they are currently hating on. Footloose it was dancing. In other cases it was singing, or bright colors. Or who you decided to marry. The Devil’s music has been at the receiving end of intolerant religious assholes, as have computer games and different movies.

It is easy to list these types of intolerances and point and laugh at the “extremist, intolerant right-wing”. It is an easy target.

You can point to the leaders, in my youth it was Jerry Falwell. He of the silent majority and “good christian virtues” that had the ear of politicians trying to ban everything that appealed to the puritanical nature of people.

You can always find the leader of these institutions. I’ve run into them. A preacher gave a surmon and he got a bunch of history flat out wrong. After the service I went to speak to him. I addressed just one part that he got totally wrong. Gave him references outside of the bible and in the bible.

“I went to seminary, we are just going to have to agree to disagree.”

His mind was so closed he couldn’t hear anything he didn’t want to hear. I’ve had much better interactions with other preachers. One asked me why I didn’t come to church. I invited her to visit my church. She came, I took her to a glade on our property about a half mile into the forest. There we sat for a while under the blue sky. We said a prayer.

When we walked out she said “I understand.”

But, this isn’t really about “intolerant right-wing assholes.”

What it is really about is left wing extremists.

During the height of the mostly peaceful protests we had the “black block” and “antifa” and other left wing extremists doing horrible things to our cities and our country. When they were called out the media gleefully claimed that there was no such thing as an antifa organization.

The media lectured us that antifa was working for the good. It was right there in their names, anti fascist. Obviously they were good. Sort of like the “German Democratic Republic” which wasn’t a democracy nor a republic.

The left is a disorganized mob. The Ray Epps of this country play them like a fiddle. They know exactly who they are to hate at today’s 2 minute hate. They are told, but not by some leader. They are told by instigators within the mob.

When Trump was running for the nomination he was getting 100% positive media attention. Every media outlet was more than happy to give him free air time. It was always “Trump is so much better than …” and you would hear the name of whoever the front running was in the primaries that particular day.

And the left wing extremist chanted in unison their love for Donald J. Trump.

My wife was amazed at all the positive attention a Republican was getting. I told her that the positive attention would last until the instant that Trump got the nomination, if he did. At that moment, the media would turn on him with a single mind to attack.

Which is exactly what happened.

The left has many more extremists than exists on the right, they just take their marching orders from a distributed command and control system.

Still, it is worse than just having an extremist on the left. Their intolerance is for people, not ideas, words or even actions. It is of people.

Most Christians will have a “Hate the sin, love the sinner” type of outlook. At least the ones I know. If you are doing something “sinful” then I might hate that sin and still love you. If you do a sinful thing, I might still love you but advocate for you to be put to death.

I hate exactly one person. And it isn’t either of my ex-wives.

The left hates people. If you are guilty of wrongthink, you are evil. If you are evil then you can be a target of hate.

Some left wing extremists shouts at you and that is ok. You say a mean word and you are evil and should be hated.

“These illegal aliens include members of MS-13, a horrific evil group.”

“Trump is evil! Down with Trump.”

It isn’t the idea that we should close the border that they hated, no it was the man that suggested that we do it.

It isn’t the concept of “all lives matter”, it is the person that dares to say it.

Unfortunately for the left, the right is starting to respond. They are responding in ways that scare the left to the bottoms of their evil little hearts.

Have you every considered why the government is so scared of “right wing extremists”? Antifa and BLM attacked the court houses and government buildings in cities around this country with every sort of weapon they wanted. They did not gain entrance.

The right shows up and turns into a mob, the breach security and enter the build. Even as a brainless mob the right is so much more effective than the left. You do not want a bunch of right wing “extremists” deciding it is go time. They will succeed where the left would not.

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By awa

6 thoughts on “There is no left wing extremism!”
  1. Lefty liberals are all in for killing unborn children..
    Nuff said, all you need to know. I think they will experience a rude awakening in Nov.. maybe..

    1. The REAL rude awakening is coming on Judgement Day. I sure wish I could watch a lot of them being “woke”.

  2. So then, what you’re saying is, people with conservative right-political convictions can have extremisms which are principled disciplines and are therefore the very soul of their existence and can become subjective in nature rather than objective in nature. And people with liberal left-political views are pawns without exercising their intellects to the point of developing principled disciplines and therefore having no soul, but instead a State created existence, personally shallow.

    The former has various levels of ‘Critical Thinking’ while the latter does not and believes critical thinking is nothing more than mean insults thrown about as a young child does–projecting their immaturity onto their political enemy, knowing only subjectivism as the determiner of all things. The former succeeds due to exhaustive comprehensive planning while the latter fails due to the total lack of any realistic planning at all.

  3. “And the left wing extremist chanted in unison their love for Donald J. Trump.”
    Of course. They thought Trump was the only Republican that Hillary could beat.

    “The left has many more extremists than exists on the right, they just take their marching orders from a distributed command and control system.”
    Exactly. A trait of children…. errrr… I mean leftists. They have to have a mommy tell them what to do. It is the reason they cannot comprehend why the NRA has so much pull in DC, while moms demand everytown action whatever does not. Despite Bloomberg’s money, no pull. It is because the NRA is a member driven organization, and if the NRA disappeared tomorrow, another member driven organization would rise.
    Finally, the first axiom of politics is always in play:
    It is not the action taken by the person that causes the offense.
    It is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes the offense.

    1. “Of course. They thought Trump was the only Republican that Hillary could beat.”
      My assumption, when Trump jumped into the primary, was that he was doing so as a favor to his friends the Clintons, for the purpose of making a total hash of the primary and leaving the eventual nominee damaged.
      I was very surprised when he turned into a real candidate, and even more so when he won.

      1. I never liked Trump, reminded me of to many car salesmen, dealer people. But I did vote for President Trump, because I actively hate the clintoons EVIL. After his election, I came to love President Trump, personality wise or not, he is the only president in my 74 year lifetime that actually did what he said he would do, if elected. I will tolerate a lot of bimbo pussygrabbing from an honest, if flawed, man. I don’t expect him to be perfect, just be a good person, and President Trump, is truly a good man.

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