There is a saying “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

For the Left that should be “when all you have is government force, every problem looks like a mass execution.”

Greta Thurnberg is the David Hogg of the environmental movement, but even more well known since that movement exists on the international scale.  Everything she says ridiculous to the extreme.

She gave a speech to the United Nations, which was roundly applauded.

I don’t know who has explained science to her, but if she gets her wish on how much carbon emissions she wants to cut immediately the global deaths by famine that will occur will be measured in the billions.

Add to that death toll, the millions who will die of heat in the summer and cold in the winter as indoor climate control will become prohibitively expensive.

Overnight, much of the civilized world will be plunged into Venezuela, where the super-rich and political connected (redundant) can afford the best and the rest of us have to try and live like we’re in the 19th century.

The deaths from illness that will occur as hospitals, pharmaceutical, and medical supply manufacturers all deal with prohibitively high energy costs and a lack of supplies or raw materials.

This will trickle outward since much of the developing world depends on our exports of food and medicine in the form of foreign aid.

This will be an energy-driven Holodomor on a global scale.

But never mind all of that, an angry, autistic teenage girl from Sweden is lecturing us on how our desire to eat food and not die of typhus or dysentery is too much to ask when it comes to saving her future.

Over in DC, at the environmental protest, this sign was spotted:

Only if eough of the right people – as identified by the revolutionaries – are executed, everything will get better.

The Soviets and Chinese did that and just look at their incredible environmental records.

Starve a few billion people to death, murder a few hundred-thousand or million more for not enthusiastically agreeing with all of the plans some teenage Swedish girl and her handlers have come up with, and now we are really on our way to creating a Green Utopia with complete Environmental Justice for all.

When they talk about an extinction-level event, I guess that is their plan to fix things.  Just a little genocide here and there and everything will be great.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “There is no Problem for the Left that a little (or big) genocide can’t fix”
  1. It’s not really surprising when you think about it. Considering how the progressive left values human life (it has no value except as a tool to get more power) and they’re complete lack of critical thinking skills and inability think of everyone not like them as not people. Since we do not share the same “view point” of life the progressive leftist does they view everyone that does not have their viewpoint unworthy of life. And like I said before, because of their logical and critical thought process not functioning properly they are in capable and unwilling to accept that they are wrong about anything at all ever and disregard all other viewpoints except their own. When faced with those few points and especially when shown that their own viewpoints are wrong they react with anger and violence because they are emotionally impotent and have nothing else again due to the fact that they cannot accept they are wrong about anything. Ever. Saying “I was wrong“ is impossible for them. And if they subconsciously realize they are wrong they want the thing that makes them wrong gone. Even if it means killing that person if they cannot properly silence him.

  2. I lived 3 blocks north of k street for 4 years in the 90s. everyone views them as political black flag dog shit, just making problems. They even interfered with my wedding;what they were on about only God knows. Fuck them.

  3. It’s not about the ideology in question, but the power they can get.
    Once they get absolute power, they usually shoot the actual ideologues.

    Poor little Greta is the perfect shield. Try to argue against her, and you’re a bully. Say nothing, and she has “silenced critics”.

    I suspect that she’ll be used up, and then discarded like a dixie cup at a protest once she stops looking like an innocent little girl (about 2-3 years or so)

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