We have an American President telling us that there will be food shortages in this country.

Who imagined that would happen in the 21st Century.

No, really, think about it.

It has been nearly 100 years since the Great Depression.

All the developments of mechanized farming, international trade, and everything else that happened in the last half of the 20ty Century has been toppled in 14 months.

There is a quote I remember reading but I can’t remember who it’s by, that perfectly describes modern farming: “[modern agriculture] turns petroleum into food.”

From diesel for equipment to petrochemical derived fertilizers, that’s what farming does.

The attack on our and Russian oil production, inflation, and global crisis has made the cost of farming increase.  Food production is down, prices are up.

Food shortages and prohibitively expensive food is the sort of thing you read about happening in places like Cuba or Venezuela after a socialist takeover.

That is not the sort of thing you expect to hear about in America, outside of history books with black and white photographs from a long bygone era.

There will be people, standing in line for bread, occupying themselves on government provided smart phones.

It’s a scene out of a dystopian sci-fi movie.

For middle-class Americans, food will become such a substantial portion of their budget that it will change how we live.

That’s not something we are used to.

Americans spent on average 8.6% of their disposal income on food in 2020, and for the last 50 years have spent no more that 10-15% of their income on food.

That is how we have been able to achieve our middle-class quality of life.  By making the items necessary for life, e.g., food, energy, clothing, relatively cheap, freeing up money for luxuries.

But the cost of energy is skyrocketing.

Housing is substantially more expensive.

Imagine what happened when food becomes 25-30% of your budget.

When all the necessities of life eat up the entirety of your budget and you have nothing left for luxury.

What happens when the American middle-class quality of life that three generations of Americans have been born and raised in vanishes and we must live like our grandparents or great grandparents did as children during the Great Depression.

Night clubs and speakeasies for the elite and washing our aluminum foil and reusing our peanut butter jars for the rest of us.

Really let the enormity of this sink in.

And we’re only 14 months in to a four year commitment.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “There will be breadlines before this is over”
  1. I’ve said for years that a New Dark Age is coming, looks like it’s here. Believers in Christ think The End Times are here and are just waiting for Rapture. Nonbelievers are looking at a long, possibly centuries, of Dark Ages. Either way, HARD TIMES are here for a LOT of people. Get ready, either way.

  2. If it gets bad here?
    It will be ten times worse in Asia, Central and South America.
    It will be a hundred times worse in Africa.
    All Biden had to do was keep fracking and build those pipelines.
    Low Oil Prices, Lower Demand for Russian Oil? Russia does not make enough money to go to War.
    Low Natural Gas Prices mean Ammonia /Nitrogen Fertilizer prices are low too.

  3. This happens and the elites will be fubared- no blue collors to do thier dirty work. AND we aint disarmed and never will be. Time will tell. Keep living your life yall.

  4. The food shortages are being done deliberately. It is the fastest way to achieve there goal: The extermination of at least 95% of all human life on the planet by 2030. You can’t shoot and nuke them all so the best way is the starve them. Remember the democrats and left running this country hate us and want nothing less than for the complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States that opposes or resist them even if it has to mean killing literally every single human in the United States except themselves. But they want that anyway. To them the human race is a parasitic infestation and the best thing to do is literally kill off all of humanity. Except for themselves. This is also the opinion shared by every single western government and elite in the world.

    The United States citizens are starting to turn there back and oppose the democrats and far left. To the democrats and far left the United States citizens doing so is crime punishable by death. The democrats and far left would rather literally every single solitary human being in the United States by mass starvation than to lose their power. Hell, they would rather personally drive the human race to literal extinction than have them not being in charge of it. They would rather kill all near 8 billion humans on earth than lose their power and control.

    They want food shortages. They want food shortages so they can control all the food in the United States so they decide who gets it. They will only give food to those that support them and follow them and all human life in the United state that doesn’t will not be given any food at all, will have what food they have taken from them and all who oppose will be killed. The United States will use the full force of the military to enforce it and of millions if not hundreds of millions to starve. Sure they will have a revolution but the democrats have nukes and they are willing to use all of them to kill anyone and everyone who opposes them and declare that the entire population of the United stars that does not become a slave of the Democrats and far left is to starve to deatd and the survivors killed. They will starve and kill until only they are left.

  5. JkB you are as big an Idiot as Biden. Only 5% of wheat and corn and their by products we use are not from USA Headlines like this are NOT helping and may be harmful. Think man

    1. You clearly don’t understand how a global economy works.

      First: the two largest owners of farm land in the US are Bill Gates and Chinese investment companies backed by the CCP.

      Whatever happens when food shortages occur around the world. Do you think farms owned by the Chinese or mega corporations will sell food in the US or will they accept higher prices to export it?

      Now factor in things like fertilizer shortages that lower domestic crop yields and gas prices that drive up fuel costs.

      What happens when a farmer has only enough cash and credit on hand to plant, fertilize, and harvest half his land?

      We watched the price of gas more than double in a year be because of abuse of the oil industry and war in Europe. What happens when the trickle down effect of that is the doubling of food prices?

      I’m not talking about a US domestic famine like Africa. But doubling the price of food will result in massive hardship in the US like we haven’t seen in a century.

  6. I don’t care much for this reboot of the late 70’s.
    At least they had great music- even Disco was better than most of the auto-tuned, digitally process pap we get on the radio now.

  7. “And we’re only 14 months in to a four year commitment.”

    This will not go on for three more years. I have absolutely no clue what changes will occur, or when, or who will wind up in charge, but it will not persist for another three years; there will be something different. Will it be positive or just more negative? I have no idea, but it will be different.

    As for “…the two largest owners of farm land in the US are Bill Gates and Chinese investment companies backed by the CCP…” they may own more land than anyone else but the crops grown on that land will have to traverse American roads and railways to get to an American port to be shipped elsewhere.

  8. Remember how Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew won in a huge landslide in 1972? Huge!
    By Inauguration Day in 1977, the House and Senate were solid Democrat, and the outgoing President was Gerald Ford with Nelson Rockefeller as VP.

    I do not know what the next three years will bring, but at this point? Our World Leaders are not reassuring at all.

  9. And here’s the real kicker. US Farmers and seed suppliers are ready to grow whatever the nation and the world needs. But… the FedGov controls what gets planted. And what the minimal price of said grain is going to be.

    All the FedGov has to do is set a decent minimal price for grain and step back and we’d be back to feeding the world like we did during and after WWII.

    But… no. The storing places (co-ops and buyers) are unwilling to stick their necks out unless there’s some backing in case the coming storm peters out. They’re willing to participate but not if they are going to be bankrupt by the FedGov lying to them and screwing them over.

    Just one statement from FedGov saying “We’ve got this, we’ve paid you to not plant, so we’ll pay you to plant.”

    But… no. That’s how sane people would act if in charge. And there’s no sane people left in charge.

  10. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – Get out of debt, learn to live simply, and buy guns and ammo while you still can.

    I heard a great line the other day on a podcast – “You better be where you want to be when the music stops”.

    I’ve read that analogy before, only in the context of what happens then the music is gone and there’s a whole lotta people without a seat.

    I’m with Arthur above, this won’t last his whole term. I think he’d already be gone if the prospect of having a cackling shithead in charge wasn’t worse.

  11. It appears, downstream from “Putin can not be allowed to remain in power”, and “…sending the 82nd Airborne in to Ukraine”, that (aptly described) “cackling shithead” might, indeed, NOT be worse.

    To our collective unending peril.

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