I love that I can trust the left to be an echo chamber. I caught an article in an online rag. They gave me the first two paragraphs, then said, “Pay for more.” I declined.

What I did do, was to use their title and ask Miss Google for links to the article. She obliged and gave me a list of about 20 different rags, all making the same complaint.

This is nothing new. Back in the days of BITNET I discovered an AP Wire feed. I could read the AP Wire just as if I were a real reporter.

One day, a story went by on the wire that I was interested in. That same story was in the University student paper. It was also covered in the big-city newspaper from a few counties away.

In reading the newspaper articles, it was obvious that they both got the base facts from the same source, the AP Wire. It was obvious that the by-line writers added no new facts to the story. The University paper gave a left leaning (Think 45degree lean to the left.), the city paper gave a more right leaning view. Call it about 5 degrees lean to the right. At the time, I would call the AP Wire story to be pretty neutral.

Here’s one of the headlines, “Winnie-the-Pooh book teaches Texas kids to ‘run, hide, fight’ in a shooting.” That is the most neutral headline I spotted.

A teacher from a Dallas elementary school of about 500 students told the Guardian she found the book “terribly disturbing”. She had been given a stack of copies, she said, to give to each child in her class.

“I found it extremely disturbing, and was very uncomfortable with the whole contents of the book,” the teacher said, requesting anonymity.

The teacher added that she was troubled by the distribution of a Winnie-the-Pooh book at a time when Republican politicians in Texas were loosening gun laws.
Ed Pilkington, Winnie-the-Pooh book teaches Texas kids to ‘run, hide, fight’ in a shooting, The Guardian (May 2023)

They also had to tie it back to Uvalde. See, it is never the right time to discuss Second Amendment protected rights. It is always the anniversary of some event that makes it a third rail subject. It is always “too soon” after an event. The only thing you are allowed to do is listen to the preaching of elites blaming you for some assholes evil.

“The fact that people think it’s a better idea to put out this book to a child rather than actually take any actions to stop shootings from happening in our schools, that really bothers me. It makes me feel so angry, so disappointed.

“It’s a year since Uvalde, and nothing has been done other than this book. That is putting it on the kids.”

No, she is absolutely mistaken. The issue is that she will never be satisfied with what is done. Unless the answer is giving up all arms, she’s not going to be happy. If we were to give up all the guns, she would then be advocating removing knives from the subjects/slaves.

They hit all the major talking points, “Texas has some of the most lax gun laws”. Translation, you can exercise your right to keep and bear arms without a government approval slip. As a complete non sequiturs, they add As part of the Republican-led charge towards censorship in schools, meanwhile, Texas has banned more books that address LGTBQ+ issues, race, gender and abortion than any other state.

What the school boards and states allow into the schools has always been within their power. The issue the left has been that now the school boards and state are listening to the parents instead of the left.

Now, all of this noise is just that, noise. Run, hide, fight are the tactics advised by the FBI “should the unthinkable occur”. What all of this upset is really about is that somebody was giving power to the children.

“… the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Notice that it doesn’t say “guns”. It says “arms.” While the schools are supposed to be “gun free zones”, they aren’t.

I have had my children report that their teachers keep arms in their classrooms. The schools teach the teachers how to have arms in the classroom that don’t look like arms.

The schools talk about using fire extinguishers as weapons. One teacher kept a baseball bat next to her desk, not that she nor any of her students played baseball. Another had some big rocks on his desk.

All of these exist because a teacher thinks it is better to go hands on with a shooter and beat them to death with a club, rock, or fire equipment. They want their students to see the blood and gore of somebody having their head bashed in. All of that is so much better than two to center of mass and followup shots if the threat isn’t neutralized.


Ed Pilkington, Winnie-the-Pooh book teaches Texas kids to ‘run, hide, fight’ in a shooting, The Guardian (May 2023)
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By awa

2 thoughts on “There’s a Rumbly in my Tummy”
  1. “That is putting it on the kids.”
    This passive BS is the same nonsense they use to defend keeping women disarmed. “Teach your sons not to rape/rob and women wouldn’t need guns”. But then, when some goblin gets himself at room temperature trying to rob/rape, the same people go ‘He was trying to turn his life around/people shouldn’t be judge/jury/executioners”
    IOW they’re telling society to be passive and just let your superiors make things ‘better’. Just wait. It will happen. If not, it’s those gun hugging, bible thumping, redneck MAGA’s fault.

  2. And as to the whole “nobody’s doing anything” sthick … Well, yes, in no small part because people like that teacher keep effective measures from being implemented. Like, oh, allowing (not forcing) teachers to be armed if they so choose.

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