This is a real Tweet from ABC News:

The clear implication being that because her fans are disproportionately male, that’s a bad thing.

This is supposed to be more evidence that Gabbard is a bad person.

We know that she’s supposed to be a bas person because she criticized Hillary Clinton in epic fashion.

All those suppositions have to be true because otherwise this proves that men are not misogynistic when they go to the polls because they are supporting a woman candidate.  Not just any woman, but a woman of color.

One would think that would be great news.  But since Gabbard is the “wrong” kind of female candidate – i.e., one who does not have deference for Queen Hillary- being liked by too many men is bad.

These fucking people are never happy.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “These F-ing people are never happy”
  1. Uhhh…..
    She’s a woman of color? Really? What color is she?

    I am half Irish and half German. I am about as white as you get. Maybe, on a good day, a Nordic albino might be slightly whiter than I am.

    And, this woman makes me look like I got stuck in a spray on tanning booth for a week.

    1. Part Samoan (see Wikipedia). That should have been a plus for these f-ing people, but of course they only do racist labeling when they want to.

  2. Part Samoan? What 1/1024th?

    I have a bunch of Samoans living around me, and even the 6 year olds are larger then she is. And, darker. With much curlier hair.

    Would never have guessed it.

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